Arkansas Post National Memorial
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A. Background
B. Recommendations


A. War Comes to the Lower Mississippi Valley

1. The Post in the Mid-l760s
2. France and Spain Enter the War
3. The Relocation of Arkansas Post
4. Spain Seizes a Number of British Settlements

B. The Spanish Defeat the Natchez Rebellion

1. The Natchez Rebels Capture Fort Panmure
2. The Spanish Strike Back
3. The Spanish Move Against the Leaders of the Revolt

C. Captain Colbert Intervenes

1. Enter Capt. James Logan Colbert
2. Arkansas Post Braces for an Attack

a. Hard Times on the Arkansas
b. The Spanish Erect a Stockade
c. De Villiers Reinforces His Garrison
d. Fifth Column Activities at Arkansas Post

3. Captain Colbert Strikes

a. The Spring of 1782 Brings Heavy Traffic on the Mississippi
b. The Attack on Pourré’s Bateau
c. Captain Colbert and His Men Capture Labadie’s Bateau
d. An Alarm Rouses the British
e. The Captors Divide the Loot
f. The British Talk Too Much
g. Labadie Describes Captain Colbert
h. Labadie Keeps His Eyes Open
i. Other Successes Scored by the Rebel Blockade
j. Colbert Releases Some of the Prisoners
k. Labadie Travels to St. Louis by way of Arkansas Post

4. The Spanish Counterattack

a. Acting-Governor Miró Outlines a Course of Action.
b. Miró Negotiates with Colbert
c. Colonel Cruzat Intimidates the Chickasaws
d. Lieutenant de Villars Sends a Patrol to Chickasaw Bluffs .
e. Governor Gálvez Releases the Natchez Rebels

D. Captain Colbert Raids Arkansas Post

1. Colbert’s Band Renews its Attacks on Shipping
2. Captain Dubreuil Takes Command
3. Arkansas Post Prepares for an Attack

a. Colonel Miró Seeks to Calm Dubreuil’s Fears
b. Chief Angaska Returns from Patrol
c. The Situation Gets Worse
d. Chief Angaska Leaves on Another Patrol

4. The April 17, 1783, Raid

a. Colbert’s Flotilla Moves Against Arkansas Post
b. The Raiders Surprise and Sweep the Habitant Coast
c. The Partisans Invest the Fort
d. A Sortie Routs the Partisans
e. The Recoil from Arkansas Post
f. Acting-Governor Miró Corresponds with Colbert
g. Colbert’s Flotilla Suffers a Defeat
h. Death Interrupts the Colbert-Miró Correspondence


A. Natural Features

1. Arkansas River
2. Configuration of Terrain
3. Soil
4. Trees and Forest
5. General Character of Ground and Cover in Relation to Season of Year
6. Weather and Time of Day

B. Man-made Features

1. Relative Positions of Principal Features

a. Habitant Coast
b. The Village
c. Fort Carlos III
d. Village Architecture
e. Fort Carlos III

(1) The Stockade
(2) Bastions
(3) Embrasures
(4) Storehouses, Barracks, and Officers’ Quarters
(5) Powder Magazine
(6) Cannons, Swivel Guns, and Ordnance Stores

C. Human Figures

1. Spanish Forces

a. Numbers and Composition
b. Uniforms Worn by the Soldiers

(1) Coat, Vest, and Breeches
(2) Hat
(3) Leggings and Shoes
(4) Stock and Shirt

c. Arms and Accoutrements

(1) Muskets and Bayonets
(2) Cross-Belting and Cartridge Boxes

d. Captain Dubreuil’s Uniform and Accoutrements
e. Illustrations
f. Physical Appearance of Captain Dubreuil and Sergeant Pastor

2. The Quapaw

3. Colbert’s Partisans

a. Numbers and Composition
b. Dress Worn and Arms Carried by the Chickasaws and Mixed Bloods

(1) Breechclouts
(2) Shirts or Blankets
(3) Leggings
(4) Moccasins
(5) Bags and Purses
(6) Manner of Dressing Hair
(7) Ear Ornaments
(8) Waist Bands
(9) Leg Ornaments
(10) Use of Grease
(11) Body Paint
(12) Speck’s Summary of a Yuchi
(13) Contemporary Illustrations
(14) Arms and Accoutrements

c. Garb Worn by the Whites and Blacks
d. Arms and Accoutrements Carried by the Whites and Blacks
e. Physical Description of Captain Colbert
f. Illustrations


Plate I. Section and elevation of the Fort Carlos III stockade
Plate II. Uniforms of the Spanish Louisiana Regiment, 1779-81


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