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Warcraft 3: Defense of the Ancients 101

By: Kevin Tok - Published January 25, 2006 at 4:48 PM EST - Writer Archive

General Tips and Facts

1) Your hero is not invincible.
Many new players think their heroes are massive and can take the creeps and towers. Early in the game, the creeps and tower will take a massive chunk out of your hitpoints. Avoid getting near to the tower unless you are strong enough. Also avoid getting hit by creeps.

2) I can’t get a strength item since I'm an intelligence hero!
Bracers are fantastic on intelligence heroes as they give a major bonus to the much needed strength area and general additions to others.

3) How come I’m not getting experience?
You maybe too far away from the creeps or the opposing heroes are killing their own creeps when they are low. This is called exp denying and is quickly becoming popular. The only thing to do is to get “last hits” and kill the creeps before they can deny, and it also helps to deny your own creeps.

4) How do I get gold?
You receive gold only when you deal the killing blow to a hero, tower or creep. Towers give large sums of gold, from around 350-550 gold, based on which level the tower is. The closer the tower is to the base, the stronger it is. Also, there are neutral creeps on the sides of lanes, some of which provide more gold than others. A couple of notable neutral creeps are the Satyr Hellcaller, Furbolg Ursa Warrior, and Centaur Khan which give 100, 80, and 80 gold respectively

There are also stronger neutral creeps, often called “big neutrals”. They spawn in one place for each side of the map. On the Sentinel side, it is above the first middle tower. For the Scourge, it is to the left of the first bottom tower. Players often prefer the dragons that spawn from this location, as the large dragon nets about 200 gold.

Finally, there is the biggest neutral in the game, Roshan. “Roshaning” often requires the whole team, but scores the team that defeats Roshan 800 gold each.

5) How come I died when I was invisible?
Just because your hero can become invisible does not mean that they are safe. Invisible heroes are often fragile. Spells that have an area of effect (AoE) can hit invisible targets without the need to actually target the unit. Generally, spells that do not need to click on an actual target will be able to hit invisible heroes.

Towers as well as many skills provide “true sight”, which gives the ability to see invisible units. Skills such as the Broodmother’s “Web” and Treant Protector’s “Eyes of the Forest” provide such “true sight”. Some skills will allow you to attack the target, but you will still not be able to see it. These include Dwarven Sniper’s “Assassinate”, Spiritbreaker’s “Charge of Darkness”, and Bloodseeker’s “Strygwyr’s Thrist”. Items such as Sentry Wards and Gem of True Sight provide also provide vision of invisible units.

Finally, “Windwalk” and other skills that make units invisible often have a small delay before the unit becomes completely invisible and cannot be targeted.


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