78 days until New DMB Studio Album Release.

DMB Begins Recording In New Orleans

studioDMB has officially begun recording of its first studio album since Stand Up was released in May of of 2005.

News of start of studio recording came directly from DMB bassist Stefan Lessard via his Twitter, saying: "Are you excited? Recording starts today! Oh, by the way, Dead Confederate and Kings of Leon are my top 2 bands at the moment." On January 4th, Stefan also said the following: "Oh yeah, I'm going to New Orleans tomorrow. I have a vision, with Leroi in my heart, I want the soul of the band to shine! I am on a mission."

Information about the yet-to-be-named album has been coming in through informal social channels online, through Dave Matthews and Stefan Lessard's Twitter accounts and most recently from Rashawn Ross.

The album has been a long time coming, built up and restarted a few times. Stefan broke the news of studio work in early 2006 via his Myspace blog. Originally, it was planned that Stand Up producer Mark Batson would create a second volume of songs. By the end of 2006 a new studio session began with producer Steve Vining offering production help.

In March of 2007, Rob Cavallo was announced as the new producer of the new DMB Studio album.

Today, Rashawn Ross has posted a photo on his Myspace titled "The Office" that presumably depicts his setup at the studio in New Orleans:

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