The Problem with LinkedIn: Why “Peer Based Verification” Has its Limits

Meet Janet Jones. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of BeenVerified, she is a former marketing executive at Goldman Sachs and a Harvard Business School alum. Why don’t you check her out on LinkedIn? Better yet, why don’t you check out who is in Janet’s network?

As you can see, Janet uses LinkedIn to leverage her Harvard Business School network. Can you blame her? The fact that several of Janet’s LinkedIn “connections” are also Harvard alum ensures us Janet is for real, right? That logic, also known as “peer-based verification” (for lack of a better term at the moment) is what LinkedIn does to ensure the integrity of its network. It is also why companies pay expensive dollars to target ads to this community.

Guess what? I am the real CMO of BeenVerified and I am not Janet Jones. I am Danny Canarick and I am actually an Indiana University alum.

Janet Jones does not exist. In fact, Janet Jones is the star of BeenVerified’s marketing efforts. She is a rock star!

BeenVerified loves LinkedIn and we are not singling them out. It is just as easy to create fake information and build a reputation on LinkedIn as it is on ANY website. In fact, our entire team benefits from its terrific service. And we understand that there are many cases where “peer-based verification” provides enough authority to facilitate communication. But we also know of certain situations where it simply falls short. If we ever want the web to move to HIGHER level transactions, this type of verification will not be enough to get us there. 

We simply want people to have the option to request people verify their credentials by a third-party. Users should have the right to decide for themselves if they would be more comfortable if they knew the TRUE identity and credentials of the people they are communicating with online, especially when you are talking about hiring and employment.

Furthermore, we know LinkedIn does more than just rely on their “peer-based verifications” to protect their community. However, Janet Jones clearly demonstrated that in many cases, BeenVerified’s solution is desperately needed.

BeenVerified is simply asking LinkedIn and other online communities to give users the ability to share their verified profiles with the rest of the community. Not only because it helps advance our business, which of course it does :), but because there is SO MUCH more that these networks could do if members could TRULY TRUST each other.  Any community who is interested in learning how we can seamlessly integrate into their community, we encourage you to get in touch.

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