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Dorothy Dunnett's novels have delighted multitudes of fans around the world with their tales of adventure and romance, political intrigue and psychological drama. Now Vintage Books invites you to discover The Lymond Chronicles and The House of Niccolò--and to come to know and love the settings and heroes of these legendary series as so many readers have done before.

"Dunnett's skill at mixing historical events and personages with fascinating fictive characters provides for high adventure, royal intrigues, war and passion." --Washington Post Book World

"As a writer of historical romances, Dorothy Dunentt doesn't transcend the genre, she epitomizes it. . . . She salts it with wit and intelligence and serves is with style and elegance." --San Francisco Chronicle

Dorothy Dunnett Companion II The Dorothy Dunnett Companion, Volume II

Building on the resources of the first volume, this second guide not only covers the final three novels in the House of Niccolò series, but also provides additional information about all of the earlier novels and highlights links between the Lymond Chronicles and House of Niccolò series.
A Vintage Original.

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