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Posted on: Oct 28, 2008

Fallout 3

WORDS BY: Paul Curthoys
Life after the apocalypse can't be fun... unless that searing radiation is coming from your copy of Fallout 3! Do all those bloodthirsty mutants deserve 50 hours of your time?!


It's oddly powerful to watch yourself being born. Fallout 3, the next masterpiece from the wizards behind Oblivion, expertly weaves together clever storytelling moments like that one to craft a riveting tale of a world that's been annihilated by nuclear war. Don't worry about a three-hanky tearjerker, though — cheeky humor and jaunty '30s tunes keep it all from getting too grim, and the superb combat and adventuring will make your many hours in this wasteland seem to flash by in minutes.

But first, you gotta get out of that Vault. It all begins with Dad — first as he assists in your birth, and later as he teaches you to walk, shoot, and even face up to scary school exams. Naturally, Bethesda uses this setup to guide you through character creation and the usual tutorials, but far more importantly, this is where Fallout 3 sinks its hooks into you. As a descendant of one of the lucky few who got to ride out the nuclear firestorm in the safety of an underground bunker, you get a good feel for the sequestered life of a Vault-dweller — and you put down some roots. There’s a girl (or boy) you can get a bit sweet on, and we grew genuinely fond of good ol’ Dad, who really comes to life through Liam Neeson’s strong voice-acting performance.

That is, until he disappears without a trace. The Vault’s Overseer (its ruler) decides you’re nothing but trouble too, leaving you no choice but to escape from the Vault in a harrowing sequence that gives you your first real taste of combat. After that mesmerizing opening, you’re off on one of the Xbox 360’s greatest adventures yet.


fallout 3 is the best game to come out since oblivion and the capability of being able to kill with teddy bears and ashtrays is priceless :)

Fallout 3 is awwww wait for it some. but i just have one thing to ask. i get the magizine and according to you guys, yals had it at 2 in rpg game of the year but in general you had it as game of the year over all like out of the games this year. so i must ask wtf how do you get game of the year and and not get the #1 rank in your game genre like howwww it dont make any sence. so was it a typo cause last i checked fable 2 got like 6th out of all the games but 1st in rpg and Fallout 3 got 1st out of alll the games this year and 2nd in rpg so what do you just feel bad for fable 2 and just think that it needs some love to or what.

Fallout 3 is a great game. I have played both Morrowind and Oblivion and enjoyed both of those as well.

I have to agree with the review tho in saying that the setting really lent to my vested interest in my character. I simply enjoyed the wasteland and all it has to offer. I'm about 50 hours in and am avoiding the main story line completely. I am lvl 18 already and am seriously enjoying exploring the Capitol Wasteland and doing the side quests.

You simply have to think outside the box when playing games of this scope. You can follow the main quest line and be done in no time, or you can place the main plot on the back burner and get out into the world and carve out a niche for yourself as a character and in gameplay style.

I can't wait to play through this game again with a different perk and skill build. I've been playing a stealthy small guns thief type. But a good thief if you can believe it. I may have no qualms about stealing from the people of the wasteland, but it's for the greater good when I complete all my missions with good karma.

Great game.

I just got this game for Christmas. I am new to this style of games, I did play a little bit of Mass Effect and wasn't a fan but I tried this since it got a 10/10.
I am now enjoying it more and more, at the beginging i tried to just kill anything I saw which was stupid and it took me forever to find ammo or buy weapons.But now im enjoying it cause i have ammo and now am able to do missions freely and really love the way the wasteland is. I never played Oblivion but I would have to say this DOES deserve a 10. It is almost everything you want out of a game. I cant wait for 30 more hours of playing!

Gamertag: PlayerHaterz

Ok let me get one thing off my chest I do think that Oblivion was a great game and it offered me lots of boredom less hours but I stopped playing it after the updates came out. Don’t get me wrong the updates rocked it just did not have that zesty ness as Fallout did. Although allot of things bugged me about Fallout too like the level cap (allot of you complained about so I thought I might as well have a go at it) and the ENDING. I don’t like that it ended not at all that is a problem with me. But I still think it still got the rating it deserved. I mean come on the Brother Hood of Steel bad mother shut your mouthers . I also look forward to the add-ons that should hopefully be coming out soon.


I think it is sad that they create a game that does not deliver the same performance as Oblivion. The graphics are worse, the controls are fucked up. they need to put more effort into their next game.

Fallout 3 Fan:I think oblivion sucks

-Pit Boy=Gay
-10?! More like a 3!!!

I don't understand how Fallout 3 got a higher rating then Oblivion?! I think it is graphically enferior to Oblivion! I raced out to get it on release day, and played it for an hour, and was not having fun at all. I gave it a break, and tried again, and after completely numerous missions, I just can't stand that stupid annoying supply lady, the combat system (it takes to long to kill people), that aiming thing is crap. The story is stupid. I guess maybe I'm harsh, and measure everything against Oblivion when it comes to games like this, but this is just over rated! Now nerds, let me hear it!!!

I agree with the level 20 cap thing. Terrible idea, but I guess that was to counteract the enemies not leveling with you. Still I wonder, why then does the level meter show level 21 even after the cap? For all the good things about this game, and there are many, it just felt unfinished to me. It took me 19 hours of actual game play to beat the game, and that was after spending a good 16 on side quests and realizing I couldn't level anymore and then basically being forced to do the main quest at that point, which wasn't nearly as interesting as the side quests in my opinion. I also did not see a single behemoth through the entire game I played. Mostly because I found that 90% of the side quests I did negated half the mainline quest. In total I think I only had to do six....SIX mainline quests to end the game. Ok...I know I'm going on here, but this game was very hyped. It never had a chance to live up to that. To give it a ten is pushing it a bit as well. Its a solid 8 at best and I'm glad I just spent two weeks of rental on it as opposed to the full 60 to buy it.

I had originally stated that this is an easy 10 and could definitely be a "Game of the Year." Well, I retract my statement. This can get nothing more than a 9.5 due to the level 20 cap. I reached 20 before I was halfway through the main quest. That meant that every enemy I killed, every hack I performed, every lockpick or speech I was successful at did not earn me any XP. WTF, Bethesda?!?! It made me irate to the point that I stopped with the side quests because there was no point; that and I wanted to save them for a second play-through.

Then we have to discuss replay value. There isn't any unless you wait about a month and go back to it. I hate comparing it to Oblivion, as they are completely different games, but in Oblivion, you could play through as a polar opposite and the game was almost completely different with how you operated. Not true in Fallout 3. You're either naughty or nice, that's it. This brings it down to a 9.0.

This is still a very good game. It took me about 60 hours to complete a majority of the game. I would have spent longer if there wasn't that damned level cap of 20. Whether you're new to the series or not, it's a game worth getting in to. Despite my two big complaints, it's worth the money you put into it.

This is a great third installment to this series I've played the first two over and over and over. There were a few things I missed but the flavor of the originals is there, after this game you should never forget War, War never changes.

For all of you who are stuck on whether to buy Fable 2 or Fallout 3. Fable 2 is a really good game but as said by somone earlier, its a little short. I played it until I had all the achievments and had beat almost all the side quest and logged around 40+ hours.(A chunck of that time was alot of exploring and searching) Fallout 3 on the other hand I have put about the same amount of time into and havn't hardly made a dent in. I havn't evan completed much of the main story because simply put, the side quests are just as fun. With that being said' Fable 2 is a great game but Fallout 3 is a completly different monster. Fallout3 = GAME OF THE YEAR!

This game is gonna be sweet.

@ a_goat

could you please tell me wheather or not you can turn the gore off?

Very thorough review. While I'm only 35 hours into it so far, I'm loving every minute of it. The minimum loading time, hardly a pause when you save, the combat system, vast wastelands... it's amazing. Three pieces of advice for those who have not yet played this.

1. It is not Oblivion. Running around thinking that you may only get attacked by a bear or possibly an arrow flying your direction will get you killed. There are landmines, snipers, and very big guns which are constantly trying to kill you.

2. Exploring too much without going too far into the main quest will make you skip out on parts of the game, losing XP and achievements.

3. Save often and save a lot. I lost 1.5 hours because I forgot to save. Very frustrating.

I think this could be game of the year, but unfortunately, there are too many Gears fanboys which will scream bloody murder if Gears 2 doesn't win it. Although, OXM was pretty good about last year's game of the year. Whether you've player the other games or are new to the series, this is well worth the $60 you'll fork out. Hardly any glitches and well designed game, especially coming off a classic.

No man. I thought the same thing, and tried to answer very carefully. What were your guys recommended "jobs" from the G.O.A.T. exam? Mine was a PipBoy 3000 repair man.


I am forced to wait to play this one since I can't get a hold of a copy, but I've been so eager to get my hands on it. Your score and review only make me want to play this more!

I am wondering why, in the G.O.A.T. exam, there is a "pitching or catching" question. Am I the only one who thought this was a very suggestive question?

I'm pretty sure you can turn gore off, but not 100% positive. Can anyone else confirm?

RampagingAcorn- Best.Name.Ever

At FlightBenefits:
Listenin to you. I feel the music. Following you. I climb the mountains

Excellent review. Thorough and informative. Too bad I won't get my copy (the Survival Edition) until the 10th or so of November. Oh well, I've got Fable 2, Dead Space, and soon Gears of War 2 to keep me more than occupied. Shit, I forgot Left 4 Dead's coming out too. It'll be okay little black wallet, don't worry...

This is an excellent review that I whole-heartedly agree with. I've had the game since Saturday, and I have played enough to agree or disagree on this game. Fallout 3 is freaking amazing, and it is definitely worth $60. I barely even touched the main story yet! I've been busy building a mega warrior and completing countless side quests.

erra, i mean Paul? touch me, feel me, see me. Paul can you hear me?

Cameron, can you hear me? Cameron?

At FlightBenefits:
and it sure played a mean pinball.

i would like to know if you can turn the gore off in fallout 3 as well. (its the only way my dad will let me buy it!!!)



Wow the OXM review scores really are all over the place these days. So Fall Out 3 is a ten? Are you sure? I mean I played a game recently that was at least an 8.5 and I think we all know what happend there. That review was deaf, dumb and blind.

I would recommend who liked oblivion to buy this game. I'm not that far yet but the starting has to be the most innovative way to create a character. You can't compare this to Fable 2 because this game has a dark tone and a wicked sense of humor but fable is all colorful and happy. Go out and buy the limited edition, you will not regret it!

Live and let die!

Oh Yeah! One more thing to the guy who is deciding to get this or Fable 2, I would go with this game my friend told me Fable 2 was good but it was short.

Really happy that this game got a 10 out of 10. I have all the games you guys gave a 10 out of 10 and I don't regret buying any of them. I am pretty sure I have this game by now just have to torture myself waitng to play it on this weekend when I go to my dad's house. This is going to be one long week.

Can someone verify if you can turn blood off? I know you can add blood with the "Bloody Mess" but I'm not sure if you can turn if off. Great Review Paul. Stuck figuring out whether to buy this or Fable 2.

Me want. Me buy now.


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