74 days until New DMB Studio Album Release.

Rob Cavallo Produces Upcoming Dave Matthews Band Album with Special Guest Tim Reynolds

Dave Matthews Band Upcoming Album with Producer Rob Cavallo and Tim ReynoldsYesterday was a huge day for DMB fans, with not only the release of the official tour dates, but also major news regarding DMB's new album!

Joining DMB in the studio as producer, is Warner Brothers A&R Rep and Producer, Rob Cavallo. Cavallo has worked on hugely successful albums like Green Day's breakout album Dookie, and their most recent hit, American Idiot. He has also worked with My Chemical Romance on their album, Black Parade, and the Goo Goo Dolls' Dizzy Up The Girl.

Cavallo calls his producing style, "part shrink, part music guru, part know it all, part know nothing". But one thing can be said for certain, he wants it to rock.

"If a record comes out with my name on it, I want it to be great." Fans might be seeing a new direction out of DMB, since Cavallo likes to take risks on new sounds in the studio. However, he isn't afraid to tell the band when it's not working. Cavallo values passion and chemistry above all else and feels nothing successful can be created without the two.

"Chemistry between players, pushing the envelope to a new place. If I feel the passion, the emotional connection to the music," said Cavallo.

Also joining DMB in the studio is longtime collaborator, Tim Reynolds! He hasn't been in the studio with DMB since 1998's Before These Crowded Streets, and he looks to add all of his talents to the new album.

Look for some new songs this summer as the band will embark on their three month tour across America debuting songs from their current studio sessions.

Video: #27 from the Hollywood Bowl on 10/2/07

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