Hello, you must be getting attacked by a shark.

Welcome to Imbeingattackedbyashark.com you have come here to seek rescue from your vicious shark attack. imbeingattackedbyashark.com is it's made to stream line to process of asking for help from a shark attack. This modern process makes it more efficient to coordinate rescues around the world.

All you need to do is fill out the 3 step form below. You simply describe in the attack, the type of shark and the direction it's attacking from along with a few other small details, and it will send an email to a crack shark rescue team, who will evaluate the danger and email you back a response regarding your rescue.

Shark attack rescue response times may vary, as they are analyzed on a case by case basis.

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Form for General Shark Attack #334-D

March 21st, 2008

Step 1 >>

Personal Information
Note: Use a valid email address.
e.g. Indian Ocean, near Guam or a Lat. / Long.
Please describe
If you can see this field, please leave it blank. This is here to identify spam; a spam robot will fill it in, a human would not.

Step 2 >>

Shark Information
(thrashing, hungry, annoyed, angry)
Away from you, towards you, circling (if appropriate), location (if appropriate). If if you can use accurate measurements of it direction within 15 degrees, it would help facilitate a faster rescue.
If there are multiple sharks, all may be described (listed in order of size), but only the largest shark will be assessed. If you need to describe in a language other than English, please indicate.
In the following order: day of week; day date, month, please indicate the time you estimate before their last feeding.
Sometimes delirium sets in and you may see other ships. DON'T SWIM TOWARDS THEM unless you are sure.
This section is strictly limited to a maximum of 90 words. It should briefly introduce the your current situation to the lay reader (approx. 30 words) and illuminate the nature of the danger you may be facing (approx. 60 words). All references to the shark(s) should use only the species name.
If you do not have a photo of the shark yourself, please choose from one of these photos or draw the fin as best you can and mail it in.
please describe how far away the shark is
Use this for shark description if different from the main attacking shark.
For scientific purposes, scientists will occasionally tag a shark with an RFID chip. It may assist the scientific community if you can describe if this shark is tagged.

Step 3 >>


I hereby declare that all information given on this application is complete and true in every respect, and that I have answered all questions applicable to me on this form.