Early seventies. The "Estate" campaign was introduced. Just in these times owners of cars from the period between the world wars, damaged or out of order are punished with fines by local authorities for the old, sad cars standing in their backyards.
Scrapping of such cars was also accompanied by tremendous complications, because they had to be cut into pieces with chisel or standard handsaw. It was practically at that time, when the Motorisation Museum collection started to develop. In these times the distant dream, the king of the road was the friendly SYRENA, and an old vehicle was obtained free or for a symbolic zloty. The "only" problem consisted in finding a way to store it until better times, when it would be restored. And so many of our friends, who possessed own fields and gardens took for storage different lorries, passenger cars or motorcycles.
Since the eighties we started to reconstruct systematically cars, so that they would be able to move by themselves. The Motorisation Museum we created in 1995 in Otrębusy near Warsaw. At present our collection includes approx. 300 antique vehicles. The oldest vehicle is a US TITAN tractor from 1895. The oldest lorry: Mercedes from 1913. And among passenger cars a FIAT of 1919. Among the exhibits there are passenger cars, lorries, buses, airplanes, perambulators, bicycles, motorcycles and also operating tanks. At present reconstruction works are carried out on several dozens of vehicles, including the famous Polish 7TP tank and the reconnoitring TKS tank. A real rarity is the ZIS convertible of J. Stalin, Mercedes 170V of Loda Halama, and also a convertible and many other cars, which were used by Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Jan Kiepura.
Our vehicles are living through their second youth. All are restored according to rules effective at the date of their manufacturing.
We are the organiser of many cultural events, such as: "A century of motorisation in Poland", "Convertibles of the XX century" under the auspices of the President of Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski. We organise many exhibitions in Poland. Among others: "The last Sunday on the Main" or the yearly "Auto-Tour". The museum is visited by many guests from Poland and abroad. In the United States, France and England press articles and television programs on our museum are released. At present it is the biggest establishment of that type in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. Undoubtedly this is a visit card of the
Brwinów commune. We are saving the cultural values of our country and for that we were awarded a diploma "For special contribution of work for the good of the Republic of Poland" by the Prime Minister.

The Motorisation Museum is open every day between 10:00 and 17:00.

Telephone and fax numbers to Motorisation Museum: 0-22 758-50-67