About Kaliv



We have just given a brief synopsis of some of the many activities that the Kaliver Rebbe, Shlita is involved in. He also counsels individuals, influences military and political leaders, aids those with marital or financial problems, gives encouragement to prisoners, helps find jobs for those out of work, gives medical guidance and simply gives hope, solace and wisdom to thousands who need his help.


The Germans sought to destroy and trace of Simcha-Happines and cast a pall of gloom and despair over the Jewish people.  The Rebbe-shlita, with his effervescent smile, seeks to imbue his followers and Jews throughout the world with a Simchas HaChaim – A Joy in Life and a love for Torah and Mitzvoth.  You can help the Rebbe-shlita to bring Torah, Joy, Simcha and connection with our Creator to tens of thousands.


Give yourself the chance to be a part of these remarkable gamut of activities.  Help to insure the 6-million will not be forgotten – and gain their advocacy for you in Heaven.  Share in the education of the new generation.  Be a partner in the Chesed activities. Please give generously and with a full heart.


Help us continue our holy works of Torah and Chessed!

We are accepting donations, large and small, to help us afford the enourmous expenses of our diverse network of institutions.

Contributions may be sent to:
Mosdot Kaliv- Or Jerusalem
23 Hana Street



In the merit of helping our institutions, may you be blessed with much health and success in all your endeavors, Amen.