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Posted by Daedalus (14.10.2008 02:21:20)

Infogrames Entertainment S.A. Announces Completion of Acquisition of Atari, Inc.

Greetings Posty denizens. It's happened -- Atari, the final holder of the rights to Blood and the source code, has been bought by Infogrames.

If the source code still exists in any form, we can hope that Infogrames may have more flexibility when it comes to releasing the source code. Stay tuned.

Posted by Daedolon (13.02.2008 13:21)

As an update to the previous news, it seems like our fears were without reason: Monolith just did a server update and has put all the sites back up online. In addition, to show their love towards the fans, they have put together a forum for all our fans to enjoy.

Posted by Daedalus (27.01.2008 22:33)

I formally greet those few who remain true in their faith to this series.

Perhaps some of you recently felt a tremor or rift in the Blood universe? Your senses didn't deceive you. It is my privilege to announce that Monolith Productions has recently removed the websites for Blood and Blood 2 The Chosen. Other titles affected were Monolith's Shogo and Captain Claw, the side-scroller. This serves as testament to that which eternal lies can, in fact, die.

Is this the end of the long, wearied journey through the estates of the damned? Hardly!

The Postmortem's heart has just begun to beat and we'll soon be offering some exciting new files and features for everyone's enjoyment. Stay tuned, Bloodites. We'll continue to keep you updated with information and the best the Blood Universe has to offer.

Stay fresh!

Posted by Daedolon (08.09.2006 19:30)

Greetings fellow bloodites. The Postmortem requires some help, and it might just be YOU who we are looking for. As you all can see, we still lack a lot of Blood II: The Chosen related information apart from the basic data available all around the net. If you have a relatively wide range of knowledge of Blood 2, would you mind contributing it to us?

Also, you would be asked to work as a moderator on our forums. In addition to answering Blood 2 related questions and solving Blood 2 related problems, you would also do the basic moderating tasks which include taking out unnecessary posts done by bots. The position requires a lot of activity from you, obviously not on a daily basis, but it would be good if you could be around few times a week. Having been active on the forums for some time helps.

Ask about the position on the forums. I'm not going to give you more details how to manage that than this because of the nature of your possible job.

See you on the forums!

Posted by Daedolon (20.08.2005 00:55)

Little Caleb

Recently there have been many questions asked about The Postmortem. Why is it that the news-section has not been updated? Well, most (if not all) of the activity on the site happens on the forums. I've actually gotten pretty lazy and posted about the site updates ONLY on the forums. Sorry about that.

Then to the actual updates. Pages like 'enemy stats', 'release notes', 'version list', 'soundtracks', 'usermaps', 'walkthrough' and 'secret guide' have been added. While all of the other pages have been checked thoroughly and all of the misleading information and typographical errors have been fixed.

Until next time. Enjoy!

Posted by Daedalus (07.12.2004 00:55)

Doctor's Bag

Welcome, one and all, to the new Postmortem! The old one, which had 7324 visitors, is gone, but we have certainly made up for it with our new, improved Postmortem. The Postmortem is now *the* place for Monolith Production's Blood information. We are sure you will like everything about the new site.

Simplicity is the word as we present all our Blood information in an easy to access and attractive format.

Need help? Check the walkthrough or ask some questions on our forums. Need some files? We have the largest collection of Blood-based files in the world! So whether you're the seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Blood circle, there's something for everyone!