Strange Shadows?

One of the most common bits of "hoax" evidence that you will hear will regard shadows. Look at the image below taken during the Apollo 14 mission, this picture is one of many that is criticised because the shadow of the Lunar Module and the rocks in the foreground are not parallel.

Shadows are not parallel

Conspiracy believers suggest that because the shadows are not parallel there must be "additional" lighting. If additional lighting has been used then this suggests that the photos could not have been taken on the Moon and must have been taken in a film studio

Obviously these conspiracy believers have not heard of perspective because I managed to reproduce a very similar effect on a flatter and therefore less distorting surface.

If you viewed this scene from above then the shadows would be parallel, however, with a low sun angle and the perspective of the camera, the shadows appear to be divergent.

Don't take my word for it though because I could have faked this photo, so try it for yourselves.