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in 2009


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Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party and a former mayoral candidate literally turned his back on the mayor as he made his statement, explaining that the mayor turned his back on the city, so he would return the favor.

Rent Is Too Damn High
There is nothing else to talk about




Beginning January 3, 2010 all Rent will be Reduced to the rent of the year 2001.

  1. If you live in a building that was built before 2001 year your Rent will be reduce to $550.00 per month.
  2. If you live in a building that was built after 2001 year your Rent will be reduce to $785.00.00 per month.
  3. If you own a Business you to will received a rent reduction you rent will be reduce to the rent of 2001, with a Cap and a 8 year Rent Freeze
  4. If you own a Home/ Landlord you will be able to write off your losses when you file your taxes. We will set up a special Tax Relief Program to help you.

The reason this must be done is because the Federal Government has already used taxpayer’s money to bailout the business on Wall Street approximately $3, 500 of your tax dollars. You are paying toward that and all the increases being forced upon you by the State and City of New York.

This kind of help is needed all will benefit from Tenant’s and Landlords. Most important the City can and will gain a 3 to 6 Billion Dollar Surplus in 3 month or less we guarantee it.
Bailout is on the way.

New York City and New York State is involved in a Housing Conspiracy details to be disclosed during this campaign.

Our Housing Homeless Emergency Bill will allow us to Rent Reduction/ Freeze Rent and put a Cap on Rent. The Economic Hardship forced upon the people will allow us to also reduce Rent to the Rent of the year 2000. Greed and opportunity following the attack of the world trade center has put this city in financial ruin and the people has been totally been forgotten about.

NYS – NYC - Housing Scheme

All Poor People Are Being Run Out Of New York (We have the evidence)

New York State Housing Authority, New York City Housing Authority and every Housing Government Agency that operate in New York State, are involved in the biggest cover-up of housing discrimination in New York States history, and we have the proof. It began as early as (c1990) the same year the rent is too damn high movement was founded.

Enough is Enough. Give us your support.

Stimulus For The People Of

Brooklyn - Bronx - Staten Island - Manhattan - Queens

Out of Business - Going Out ot Business - Lost Our Lease

We have a Bailout Plan for the people a plan that is Guaranteed not to fail this is the only way to restore the Economy in the City as well as in the State of New York without Federal Assistance (Stimulus) Rent Is Too Damn High.

People having money to spend are a STIMULUS itself. Why can’t someone see this?

There must and will be a Rent Reduction/ Rent Freeze/ Cap on Rent. This plan will crate more than 5 Million Jobs in 3 months or less.  

Give Us… A Chance To Be Heard
Give us your support invite us to your meeting so we can explain.

Reality Check
2001 = Attack on the World Trade Center
2002 = Rent Hike
2003 = Rent Hike
2004 = Rent Hike
2005 = Rent Hike
2006 = Rent Hike
2007 = Rent Hike
2008 = Rent Hike
2009 = Rent Hike
Rent Is Too Damn High, there is nothing else to talk about.
Jimmy McMIllan, Founder. Rent Is Too Damn HIgh Movement

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