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Quantum's DXi straining at the leash. Go baby, go!

Quantum is emerging from five years of transition with ADIC technology at last bearing fruit that could ripen into enduring profits. The maturing, read declining tape revenues, at last have a counterbalance in the DXi deduplicating drive array range.[more...]

Green storage standard may be weak

It would be nice to be able to buy gold standard EPEAT storage like you can buy a gold-standard EPEAT-blessed laptop or PC and get the greenest kit going - but it isn't likely to happen because the vendors won't support a strong EPEAT standard.[more...]


IBM says don't use tape

IBM is preparing to tell its customers to stop using tape and backup their data to cloud-based IBM Business Resilience data centers. It's spending $300 to build 13 such centers ($23 million per center) around the globe.[more...]

Cracked it! HP uses SAS fabric in ExDS9100

HP has persistently refused to identify the switching fabric used inside its Extreme Data Storage ExDS9100 product. But an HP document gives the game away; it's an end-to-end SAS switching fabric.[more...]


Quantum slashes GoVault prices

Quantum has slashed the prices of its GoVault removable disk data protection products by up to 30 percent and doubled the maximum capacity to 320GB. In the sales sense GoVault has been SlowVault and Quantum is trying to fix that.[more...]

Why is Windows so bad with SSDs?

HDD (hard disk drives) reads and writes take about the same time as each other while PC SSDs (the SSDs - solid state drives - without write acceleration) take 100 times as long to write as to read. For the most part an SSD doing only reads rips right past an HDD, while something like an 80/20 read/write balance brings them to comparable speeds. At any ratio beyond that 80/20 mark the SSD underperforms the HDD. This, of course, depends on myriad other factors, but it's a rule of thumb.


Rackable to offload RapidScale storage biz

Not that most people knew it was in the clustered storage business but Rackable has decided to sell its RapidScale clustered storage business. Taken with EMC, HP and IBM's slowness in promoting their extreme scalability products it looks as if such products are very hard to get right, leaving Isilon in pole position.[more...]

Brocade's FCoE roadmap

Brocade is aiming to deliver an FCoE switch and FCOE server adapters, and sign a tier one HBA OEM by the end of the year.[more...]

Analysis stories 1-8 of 137

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