Style Elements of Negative Tendencies

by Karlo Z. Valois

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Style Elements of Negative Tendencies by Karlo Z. Valois

For the superior, style is the crystallization of the intellect. For the inferior style is the manifestation of negative tendencies.

1. The War In the current era there’s a constant war between the superior and the inferior. Peace is achieved only by intellectual dominance, where hierarchical integration is perfect and the inferior, according to its degree of distance from the pure (formless) intellect is positioned appropriately.

We can only talk about inferiority from the stand point of the superior. The superior, realizing a range of potentials unavailable to the inferior does not in any way depend on the inferior.

The saying that you can become whatever you want is only true when it comes to inferior positions; the inferior however can never become superior and the superior wanting to become inferior is a logical impossibility. Today inferiority is pervasive and positions in life and especially at work do not enable the realization of potentials, instead they purposefully prevent any chance of realization: their purpose is degradation and destruction on all levels.

War is necessary because today even the superior person “contains” negative potentials, the nature of which is disintegration. Thus a superior person focuses on integration, which is in itself a direct opposition to disintegrating tendencies. War is unavoidable, necessary and constant. Focus on integration therefore is the principle of the fight. The inferior’s focus is not conscious and always aims at disintegration thus he rightfully experiences the focus of the superior as a threat to his existence. The superior observes the weakening of (his own) integration in the inferior, through the actions of the inferior. Once the strength of integration is reinstated, the superior doesn’t see the inferior around him, a battle is won. The inferior, unaware of his dependence on the superior fights senselessly, following a pattern/tendency of deterioration. A decisive step of this negative tendency was the spread of rationalism, hand in hand with the rise of the inferior individual. Today we may assume that this tendency has almost run its course, all the way to sub-rational (irrational) levels together with the emergence of completely degraded, subhuman individuals, who increasingly occupy positions of power.

From the standpoint of the inferior, who experiences an emotional drive towards disintegration, fight is against “somebody else”. Since the inferior doesn’t exercise any control, he is blindly and “unconsciously” serving tendencies that he is a part of, being controlled by “them”. Essentially the negative tendency(ies) fights through the mass of inferior people against a few superior ones.

The superior is aware of these tendencies, recognizes their effect on his individual self, consciously controls them and eventually eliminates them. The superior (man) is able to accomplish this to the degree he has actualized the principle of One in himself.

The weakening of integration originates from the very first attempt at disintegration, which took place in the realm of existence: when One actualized Two (recreating the first act beyond existence, when the metaphysical zero created it’s own negative image, -2, the pure potential), and Two, positioned opposite to One, attempted to achieve complete separation. For this to happen Two had to deny One (and the “integrating” part of itself, thereby creating a void: lack of centre) to such a degree, that it had to purposefully “forget” One (the first lie and the woman’s forgotten secret). This is the first attempt of the Negative for self realization (which is of course not fully possible, thus the war is lost at the outset). Negative tendencies essentially prevent the realization of potentials, which means that existence is a fight that One fights against his projected self (two) to eliminate doubt and denial (the manifestation of the negative in two) to regain control over integration (actualize the center) then reintegration (unity in 3:freedom), then retraction to the MZ. One question arises here: how come that if One is the undivided whole, which means absolute integration, a weakening in integration may occur? Or more precisely: how is it possible that the relationship between One and Two could give birth to doubt, fear and rationalism, while it also contains the potential of integration by differentiation? The key is that negative two (prima materia) contains all potentials, positive and negative. There is a particular quality in the relationship between MZ and negative 2, and MZ and One. The relationship between MZ and -2 is analogous with the relationship between One and Two in that the relationship between One and Two is the symbol of the relationship between MZ and -2. The relationship between MZ and One is analogous with One and Three: One is the connection between MZ and Freedom. So the War between the superior and the inferior takes place in the realm of the Two, in the epoch of Two, when all of the negative potentials of negative 2 dominate existence. The War will end when One realized all potentials between itself and 2, and will be ready to manifest the principle of it’s relationship with MZ in Three, which is the time of peace: freedom.

On the human plane of existence One is analogous with the principle of the absolute man, Two is analogous with Sofia. Woman is a mystery: she contains the potential to become Sofia but also contains the negative tendencies, which in Christian mythology is represented by the snake. She is Eva. Adam talks to God (One, the principle of the absolute man). This means that he no longer sees himself as God. Duality and negative potentials are present, symbolized by the tree of knowledge (fragmentation, quantity), the snake (negative potential, doubt) and Eva (manifest duality, 2). So at this stage in Eden, man already forgot his divine origin and the woman (mystery) is by his side. However in Eden the range of potentials for man includes that of becoming God again, or more precisely, to return to his original state. Fragmentation/disintegration and even existential hierarchy are already present, but for the potentially divine man, they only present potentials. In Eden the range of potentials are narrow, because fragmentation and disintegration (the reign of quantity) hadn’t escalated yet. There are two potentials available to him: to rise and become God or to sink into matter and multiply, increase the range of potentials, which eventually lead to inflation which is peaking in our age (of Two). Eden is at the borderline between life and existence. The potential of once again becoming God is represented by the voice of God. Not visible but more certain than anything in man’s realm of existence. The potential of not becoming god (negative potential) is represented by his visible reality, which without the voice of God (direct knowledge and certainty) is just an illusion, since it lacks foundation/context. Not having certainty means having doubts. Doubt, which is already the result of rationalism, is the root cause of fear, which, so close to man, is his perceivably biggest obstacle of realizing his divine principle.

So fear, doubt and rationalism are analogous: if one is present, the other two are present as well. When it comes to the elimination of any or all of these, it must start at the root cause: rationalism. Once rationalism is transcended, both doubt and fear disappears. If one focuses only on the elimination of fear he’ll fight a losing battle: he’ll be tortured by doubts and will rationalize the irrational. His attention will remain focused on fear, which will eventually overtake him completely and in the ultimate moment, he’ll succumb to a maddening panic. When focusing only on the elimination of doubt, one becomes irrational (subrational). They start to think they have control over “things” they don’t understand. They devise idiotic methods and techniques like self affirmation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, etc. They program themselves not to have any doubts, by believing in some half truth or lie, eventually ending up in a modern crisis, whereas “they don’t believe what they know and don’t know what they believe” (Bela Hamvas).

To illustrate the relationship between rationalism and doubt Adam’s choice provides a simple example.

He had divine certainty about right and wrong (not in a moral sense but in the sense of that “right” enables actualization of potentials, while “wrong” disables those). He knew that the apple represented inferior (visible) knowledge because although he no longer possessed direct knowledge (in that case there wouldn’t have been a tree) he still possessed the potential of direct knowledge (symbolized by the voice of God). The snake offered him the “chance” to become rational (analogous with multiplication, fragmentation, life, mortality). He could only propose this in a primitive, inferior style: here’s knowledge, I can give it to you, you can get it. From the higher perspective this knowledge is worthless, since the superior already possesses the context of the visible, or from a different angle the cause or principle of the manifest. Inferior knowledge is being offered by an inferior being in an inferior style. Eva, offering the apple to Adam represents doubt. In the moment of the decision to accept inferior knowledge, Adam turned a blind ear on divine certainty, his supra rational, direct knowledge about right and wrong (wisdom: differentiation), and chose to realize the negative, instead of the positive potential, essentially choosing duality instead of the absolute, the lower (life) instead of the higher (existence), the woman instead of himself.

In short: the main style element of the inferior is rationalism. In the context of the war the inferior continuously tries to explain what the superior already “knows”. Explaining the obvious (rationalism) creates disintegration. Since knowing means being one with what’s “known”, explanation of a fragment of this absolute “knowledge” is a direct effort to destruct the identity of the superior. Therefore the superior must never tolerate either the message or the messenger.

Eating the apple represents both inferior learning (making -growing- and acquiring facts, then selling and buying them), and identifying (attempting to become one) with inferior knowledge.

False message always comes from below. To Eva it came from the snake, to Adam it came from Eva; in a different light: the superior received rationalism (inferior) from the negative, through doubt. Just like a man always have doubts about the woman. He never gets what he wants. Overtaken by rationalism, he no longer knows what he wants. Projected to the woman: what he wants is Sofia. What he gets is Eva.

Rationalism births fragmentation and disintegration: pure quantity. In lack of fundamentals, the world view is fragmented, the mindset is relative, thinking is unfounded (lacks a center, no strength); the individual is willing to rationalize and proudly (because he thinks he’s open-minded) accepts anything. In actuality the individual’s mind is really open; but it’s not open upward, above and beyond rationalism, but downward, towards the irrational. The individual is closed towards the superior (spiritual realm) and open towards the inferior (sub human realm). In our times fear, doubt and rationalism are only optional to the superior few (elite), they are however not optional to the masses. The masses, unable to think clearly, independently, in absolute terms and with certainty on a supra rational level, constitute the medium for the spread and strengthening of the negative, destructive tendencies.

Since the characteristic of negative tendencies is the total lack of focus, once they encounter the superior (person) they fight it with quantity.

We can think of quantity as a mask of fear, doubt and rationalism; the mask represents the style of the inferior. It comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Today the pure superior is not manifest; a superior person is always –to varying degrees- contaminated. He wears however the smallest mask of inferiority, which he is consciously trying to rid himself of. In the case of the superior person the mask becomes evident once the force of integration weakens. The following common scenarios may happen:

They compromise in communication in order to accommodate people that are positioned lower on the hierarchy: wrong compromise, because on the one hand it implies subordination to the inferior, on the other hand they don’t provide a force of (upward) integration towards people below them. Superior men thrive for perfect communication. Their reading and their writing are geared towards achieving the highest level of integration/integrity in this domain. Perfect communications stem from essential thinking, which occurs in the context of principles. There must be no compromise in this. Therefore the superior should, if possible, never communicate directly with the inferior. When looked at from a hierarchical point of view, the superior should only communicate with people maximum one level below them. If that’s not possible communication should take place with great control and in a hierarchical context, meaning that the superior should be highly aware of the limitations of the inferior. In this context the superior only makes statements and, through the lens of the highest context, listens to the inferior. Compromise in communication typically, and today very often, happens when the superior is only surrounded by people several levels below him and he’s unwilling to distance himself from them.

There develops a gap between the will, thinking and acts. There’s no longer any harmony. One of these factors become weak. These maybe small gaps, only perceivable to the superior, but they may develop into serious “debts”, that would seriously devalue life. The first signs could be observed in differences such as those between thinking and acting (value based compromised) and then between statement and acts (lies). Such “debts” grow exponentially, eventually causing negative potentials to reach a critical point, at which stage the superior falls several levels down and may never recover his “chance” to rise again.

They get attached to desires. For a superior person these desires are never materialistic, but they are desires nevertheless. Once a desire develops it becomes a factor that blocks the self realization of the person. If the superior becomes unable to get detached from desires (even though some of them may have served a purpose in “rising”), they failed.

People with a large mask communicate only within the range of rationality. Only few of them thrive for supra rational intuition mostly through arts or maybe martial arts. They are insensitive to higher principles, most of them don’t have the potential to rise above their current level. They are compulsive analyzers on all levels. Excessive: they either talk a lot or they don’t talk at all. Completely identify with what (and mostly how much) they know or what position they fill in their company or “society”. Since neither their knowledge, nor their position have any foundation they are always in an identity crises, looking for something stable. On the physical plane they are compulsive shoppers, collectors, “owners”, in the majority of the cases also compulsive eaters, and drinkers. Similarly, on the mental (not intellectual!) plane they accumulate “knowledge”: they read and “learn”, “educating” themselves, chanting the “lifetime learning” mantra. There is no qualitative difference between their eating and learning habits. They read for a quick fix, and they may as well eat believing that it is lifetime learning. They constantly visualize the object of their desire. Mostly opportunistic and “egoistic”. No tension between men and women. In fact, the differences between the two are disappearing.

Quantity rules their lives: they are playing numbers’ games. They confuse volume with quality. Real quality is mostly absent. Those of them, who have a vague need for some quality, become “connoisseurs”, and look for quality in food, drinks or artifacts, which in lack of true context they can’t truly enjoy, and appreciation (understanding) becomes an act of collecting. People with the largest mask can’t be truly considered to be people. Their communication style is mostly irrational. They’re unable to see connections between things, they maybe below specialization.

They only identify with what they have. If they have money they buy excessively and impulsively (see rap “stars”, movie “stars”, corporate “stars”, striptease “stars” ,etc.). Fundamentally ruled by emotions, they are unable and unwilling to exercise any control. Their behavior completely lacks context. The males on this level lack any kind of masculine discipline and instead of controlling sexuality, they are fundamentally controlled by it, just like women are. They are ridiculously busy with everything; when looked at as a mass, they look like ants in a hive. Similarly to people with a large mask, they always work on projects, which are focused on their body, their financials and their social ranks. But as opposed to people with large masks, these people don’t have any trace of intellect and consider the manifestation of the stupid to be aesthetics (see just about any video clip, the given street fashion, urban black “culture”, etc.)

Only driven by desires. They lack any kind of inner drive. Always on the lookout for new objects of desire. By identifying with the objects (the owner and the object create a system of identity) they themselves become objects (thingified) and mechanical. At this level the peak of their life is when they occasionally experience their instincts, typically in the context of pornography*. Once the experience is exhausted they return to their “normal” mechanical state: no thoughts, no instincts, dim emotions, no context, therefore no real feelings: walking dead or worst: mechanical animals. They react to external stimuli, which is the context of their existence. They are completely dominated although they feel they are at the top of their game. We are rarely wrong when we assume that today the financially most “successful” (rewarded) individuals belong to this category; of course: the more financial performance depends on pleasing the masses (industries targeting the masses), the more this assumption is valid.

Today inferiority is being institutionalized. It is being taught in schools, management courses, etc. One of the most famous success formulas in sales training is persistency: if they turn you down 10 times, go try the 11th time, or that most sales people give up after the 3rd, 4th try, although it is statistically proven that the prospect typically “gives in” after the 5th or 6th try. Persistency is taught in all domains. They typically refer to Edison and how many experiments he performed before inventing the light bulb. With such an infantile motivation, which purposefully discourages and –within the system disables- any kind of independent, quality thinking they insure that the “ants” are as busy as possible doing things that have no relevance to life, creating a complete pseudo existence.

They teach that it is not only OK to accept inferiority, but it is a duty, which has lead to people no longer “accepting” it, which would presume a stand point above it, but to consider inferiority their reality. Whoever has the potential of superiority finds himself in a disadvantageous position, being forced to adjust (leveling down) to the inferior, which on the other hand enjoys a comfortable position, being in their “element”.

Inferiority is also being glamorized. The new heroes in print and on the big screen are increasingly the idiotic, the cynical, the small man, who lacks any trace of intellect, who confuses being slick with being wise. In reality shows the mass cheers for their heroes, laughing with the guy who is “one of us”. The idolized individual, who is just one piece of the undifferentiated mass, tries to act superior, which really means acting, according to his necessarily grotesque idea of the superior, which is of course beyond comprehension for him. True superiority is calm, distant and emotionless and angers the inferior often to the extent of wanting to fight it. The style elements of the superior are beyond the individual; they are supra individual and as such they contain a strong force of integration, which among superior people is manifest as respect. Inferior people, when they pretend superiority are comical and when such a person shows respect, it is always fake even if he/she really believes it to be genuine. If the inferior pretends to be superior towards the actual superior, in addition to this being utterly disrespectful, it is also dangerous and not tolerable. The inferior who is acting superior is always angry. Openly or disguised, but always angry since he is powerless and with his acting he is humiliating himself. This drive of the mass man to imitate the superior maybe observed in all areas of life; this is so characteristic of the mass that we may consider (with caution) almost all manifestations of the mass as the mirror (opposite) image of the superior. The driving force of the dark tendencies behind the mass gains it’s strength from the delusion that mistakes the image with the original**.

Good examples of this acting are black performance artists and male and female whores in entertainment and business, politics and art. These domains today converge but not because they are bond by a drive to a higher ideal (principle) but because all of them obey the pseudo principle of quantity and its analogies: money, pornography, etc.).

2. Common instances of degradation At every instance of degradation a battle is lost. The sexual domain provides an illustrative example for degradation. Since degradation is most visible in that masculine principles are not manifest, resulting in men are who no longer possess the range of potentials originally available to men, increasingly the (often only potentially) superior is subordinated to the actually inferior. In the presence of the superior man sex is (among others) a means of initiating the woman. In lack of superior man sex becomes a means through which both men and women further deteriorate. The most common instance of this deterioration is when an inferior man “conquers” a superior woman within a particular race or in a much more severe case from an inferior race.

The term superior woman holds true only when mentioned in connection with a man, who is inferior because he lacks intellectual/spiritual superiority (thus he is positioned lower on the hierarchy) and is influenced/dominated by fundamentally feminine tendencies. Such man is positioned farther away from the absolute man than the woman from the absolute woman.

The sex act of a black man taking possession of and exerting dominance over a white woman triggers a sick excitement among the mass; this is analogous with a grotesque man dominating a beautiful woman: when the inferior drags the superior down to his own level . Every time they experience decay and deterioration in any shape or form, the inferior experiences an out of control excitement, which is of course much larger than the individual mass-member, who experiences it. What they experience is the magic symbol of the dominance of negative tendencies. They experience this excitement when they high five each other after their persistency paid off and managed to close a deal or they managed to finally get the woman they have been after (score), etc. In fact they often make statements about not being sure which one is better: closing a deal or having sex, or if they are sports fans (most likely they are) to witness a great score in the stadium. For the inferior these are undifferentiated experiences, just like their life and existence.

If their “success” was achieved within the mass, the excitement would be less intense than if it was achieved against the superior. When an inferior man for example “gets” an inferior woman, the excitement is not that intense, since there isn’t much difference between them, they are both part of the same tendency and there are no unknowns in the equation. In such a setting sex is typically thought of as entertainment or just enjoyment for both the woman and the inferior man. Since entertainment is what creates negative entropy in their mind, just to fight boredom or to have fun, it’s obvious that they’ll “perform” or “exercise” sex sooner rather than later, the experience not being much different from going to see a movie. In fact the only thing that makes sex preferable for them is probably the fact that it is a little more difficult to “arrange”: it’s still a little easier to buy a TV or a movie ticket than to find a partner. Both inferior men and inferior women decide on whom they have sex with based on similar criteria to selecting a movie. Within the identified criteria they sleep with anybody. These criteria maybe looks, social rank, position at work or material possessions.

However when an inferior man continuously attacks a superior woman, his excitement is manifold. If the superior woman succumbs to him and the inferior man dominates her, his excitement is without control. This uncontrolled excitement is almost the same as the sexuality of the pure woman, meaning of course that the inferior man is neither man nor woman. The difference in their excitement is that the inferior man’s excitement is enhanced by the underlying negative tendency.

The sexuality of the woman is controlled by masculine factors (present in the woman) and ultimately, on the highest level, by intellectual dominance (represented by the superior man). Thus the inferior man never dominates the superior woman; instead the negative tendencies manifest themselves through the inferior disabling the initiation of the woman by a superior man; essentially negative tendencies dominate the woman, making her inferior, committing the ultimate rape. The style element of this rape, whereas the realization of the woman becomes impossible, is subtle (persistency) or direct violence.

At this point we have to define the difference between a woman and an inferior woman. The term inferior woman only applies in the current era. An inferior woman is simply one who is dominated by negative tendencies instead of a superior man. The first step in the course of degradation was when the majority of women (with a large mask) started to seek out inferior men. Submitting to the inferior made them whores in the classical sense; the next likely step is when whores will become “mechanical animals”. What made them whores was not their sexuality but the lack of superior men to dominate their sexuality. What turns them into mechanical animals is the lack of sexuality in addition to the lack of intellectual dominance by (superior) men. There are self-reinforcing patterns in the process wherein whores are glorified by the mass, which in turn gives way to the dominance of negative tendencies over women (pure potential analogy!), turning more and more women into whores and more and more whores into mechanical animals.


The first victory of negative tendencies was when they cut man off from superior principles. The second victory was when they eliminated the difference between men and women while shifting the focus exclusively to instincts (undifferentiated animalization). The third one is when even instincts are dimmed and people degraded into mechanically swarming semi-robots, below the level of slaves.

All this started with rationalism when the highest domains that rationalism couldn’t grasp were simply denied and is being finished in the domain of the irrational where there is no trace of either foundation or integration and the mass man only revolts when the manipulation he is subjected to is momentarily suspended or when something stirs up the sacred routine, which gives foundation to his feeble life.

Today, the intensity of war is nearing its climax. Every man is responsible for occupying his place in the hierarchy and actualize the range of potentials available to him. In this context each step towards realization is comparable to a battle against negative (disabling) tendencies. True men fight these battles to life and death. The more superior the men, the more personal the battle.


* on the basis of sexuality as symbology, pornography in the deepest sense means actionality without context where there is no direct contact between symbol and what it symbolizes. Originally pornography was the description of the sexuality of whores. Naturally it surfaced in an age, where there was a demand for such descriptions, so degradation that was previously just a potential was often actualized at the bottom of the hierarchy. Degradation and involution was later rationalized from different angles, one of the strongest of which was the “principle” of equality, which quite grotesquely turned men into whores.

** while for the superior all areas of life are sacred, deeply experienced, understood and conscious (practiced as a ritual), for the inferior all areas of life are routine, all activities are work, life itself is a burden that they can hardly endure; a burden from which they want to escape by all means. For the escape they use means (tv, drugs, etc.) to such a degree, that they build up into a new “reality”, or more precisely into a bigger void, an imperfect, incomplete truth: into an illusion.