Platform of the Bricolage Group



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THE Bricolage Group unites people who intend to further a widering of limits in social discussion and an inculcation of new themes for debate, seeking to formulate an alternative and non-conformist vision of the Ukraine.

The Bricolage Group is not a regular opposition resource, created "in elections", but rather a bonfire of resistance to the actual regime and the wider system which produces such regimes.

Bricolage's main task is the systematic blasting of the existing cultural hegemony in the Ukraine. The ruling class, which consists of former communist party nomenclature, ex-colonial administrators, "new ukrainians/russians" and organised crime, ensures its own domination with the help of the army, police and criminals. A stratum of corrupted intellectuals provides the optimum culture for the preservation of the status quo and ensures legality of power by means of culture.

Attempts to analyse the process which takes place in the Ukraine cannot be adequate if pay not attention to its colonial past and the post-colonialism of the present day. Hence great attention is paid by us to the former colonial parent state: Russia. We undertake to reveal a Russian imperialistic mythology.

After the fall of the world-wide socialistic system and Soviet empire there is only one superpower - the USA - on the globe. The USA pursues a policy of aggression and tries to take strategic control of important areas of the planet. Doing this, the USA covers itself with loud slogans, for example "struggle for human rights" or "struggle against terrorism". For many peoples and national states the USA is a source of threat. We also undertake to systematically reveal the American imperialistic mythology.

Our references:

  • The Heritage of Ukrainian Conservative Revolution
  • French New Culture/ New Right
  • German National Marxism
  • Technology of Revolution
  • Antiglobalism / Alterglobalism
  • The Philosophy of Decolonisation
  • Post-colonial Studies
  • Christian Traditionalism
  • Ontogenesis of the East Slavs
  • The Movements for strong identity

Bricolage sees itself as a bonfire of resistance and as a component of the worldwide revolutionary process. We are with the people who struggle against American and Russian imperialism, neo-colonialism, the hegemony of transnational companies, and who believe in independence, identity and freedom.

Bricolage is against the process of globalisation, which means the privatisation of the planet by transnational companies, for the great enrichment of few exploiters. Globalisation causes a growth of misery and stimulates mass migration, so therefore it becomes a lethal threat to the ethnical, cultural diversity of the world.

Bricolage denies that neo-liberalism is an ideology of globalisation.

Bricolage does not support communism, fascism or the ideology of human rights.

Bricolage is against any ethnical prejudies, xenophobia and hatred. We are for an open and honest debate concerning the painful events of the past and the actual problems we face today.

Bricolage blames "political correctness" and is against any limitation of the freedom of expression. Non-tolerant expression must be criticised, but cannot be forbidden or undergo censorship.

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