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designed money futures

by Nik Baerten

It might be considered old news in these twittery times, yet somehow it rises to foreground in today’s economic climate with a sense of lasting freshness and value. Students at the RCA’s Design Interactions department led by Anthony Dunne, carried out a fascinating design research project in collaboration with Intel’s People & Practices Research Group entitled ’the future of money’. They explored new types of value and value interaction from a variety of perspectives, which led to some pretty thoughtprovoking and even poetic future views .


Imagine sensing how much e-money you’re spending. Or imagine a world in which interpersonal relationships and human interaction time are the new value-basis, orenergy is currency. What if the favour bank would be our main way of exchanging products and services, hence value? Think about new relationships to money,virtual piggy banksethics/ethical trading, a liquid economy, live tissue for value, listening to your good and bad side as purchase advisors, gesture-based payment or counting rituals (ab), 1 bankcard per personal value, consciousness enhancingmoney tracesmiser pathologies in an e-money world, new controlling behaviors,complementary responsible-behaviour-currenciesmitigation management,identities as currency, new e-money rituals, a national fiscal health service, physical money as a luxury product, future money paradoxesdomestic economycountry-company mergers …