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Repower America

100 percent clean electricity

We have enormous untapped power. Here in New Hampshire and across America, we can harness the wind and sun to power our future and leave dirty, dangerous energy behind.

We’re calling on Congress to repower America with 100 percent clean, renewable electricity and to cut our dependence on oil in half.

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Latest News

New Hampshire has a Bright Future in Clean Energy 1/14/2009

America can reduce global warming pollution by nearly 10 percent annually, replace the power equivalent of 170 coal fired power plants, and create or sustain more than 3 million jobs by making investment in clean energy and transportation a cornerstone of our economic recovery plan, according to a report by Environment New Hampshire.

Our Latest Reports

Clean Energy, Bright Future: Rebuilding America Through Green Infrastructure 1/13/2009

We can protect our environment and strengthen our economy by investing in clean energy and green infrastructure. A green economic recovery plan would mean less global warming pollution, fewer asthma attacks from air pollution, more clean lakes and rivers for drinking water, swimming and fishing, more secure energy in the long term, and more jobs than investing in the dirty energy technologies of the past.

Renewing America: A Blueprint for Economic Recovery 11/11/2008

To revive the American dream, we need to rebuild our economy on a sound foundation – one that puts people back to work, contributes to long-term prosperity, rebuilds our communities, and protects our environment. There is one path to a renewed economy that achieves all of those goals – one that is increasingly recognized by opinion leaders, politicians, investors and workers as our best chance to work our way out of our current economic troubles, while building a stronger, more self-reliant and environmentally responsible America. It is the path to a clean energy future.

In the News

Obama 'green' funds could create local jobs 1/14/2009

If the Obama administration commits $100 billion in investment of sustainable initiatives, the state of New Hampshire could be expected to receive $432.1 million, create 9,235 jobs and reduce the state unemployment rate by 1.3 percent. That is the assessment of Environment New Hampshire, which released a report Tuesday by parent organization Environment America regarding the impact of clean energy stimulus funds on the United States.

Group climbs Mt. Major to draw attention to environmental issues 8/05/2008

Standing atop Mount Major, Environment New Hampshire highlighted the potential and support for state actions to address climate change in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire's two congressmen earn perfect scores from an environmental watchdog 6/23/2008

Reps. Paul W. Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter, Democrats, earned perfect scores on this year's Environment America Congressional Scorecard.