Danish dreams come true

Denmark are the new champions of Europe with victory against heroic Croatia.

Denmark 24:20 Croatia (13:10)


Denmark had the gold medal on their minds when they travelled to Norway for Euro 2008. Though they opened the tournament with a defeat against Norway, since that game they were just winning and winning.


In the final they met Croatia for the second time after a ten-goal victory in the Main Round.


The Croatians had no intention to be defeated again.


Ivano Balic & Co. played at high speed denying Denmark the chance to make counter attacks. However, it didn’t last long and the Danes were three goals in front at half time.


Kasper Hvidt has been outstanding in the Danish goal at the whole tournament, but he also needed 15 minutes to get in form today.


In the second half both Hvidt and the rest of the Danish team showed their best abilities and served the affection of the supporters. They started to dominate and carried out fast breaks to score goal after goal.


With Ivano Balic playing with passion, the Danes had to wait with the celebration. At the end it was 24-20 for the Scandinavian red and whites.


This was Denmark’s first major trophy, which will help the men step out of the shadow of the so successful women`s team.


Coach Ulrik Wilbek is the first coach ever to win European championship with both women´s and men´s team.


Post match comments


Lino Cervar (coach, Croatia): “The result say it all. Congratulations to Denmark, they won deservedly. We made mistakes in defence in the first half. Though we improved by the second, it was not enough.”


Ulrik Wilbek (coach, Denmark): “We played once against Croatia already when we won by ten goals. We knew that it would be more difficult today, but it is always good to play against Croatia. They are always fair and they have many stars in the team.


“We were tired today, but we won and we are very proud to win the first men´s Euro title in the history of Danish handball. It was almost like winning at home with the help of thousands of supporters who came here.


“We had a team that has been part of the international elite for years, so we said in advance that we were coming for the gold medal. We won and we are proud of it.”

By: Stig Nygard

, 27.01.08 17:50
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