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 Saturday July 24, 2004 11:36:08 AM CDT

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Faust Hotel - New Braunfels
The Faust Hotel
New Braunfels, TX
  NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS - The Faust Hotel located at 240 South Sequin Street was built on the Faust family homestead. Some 2,000 citizens cheered at the groundbreaking event for the new Travelers Hotel on October 12th, 1929. The local vice president of the chamber of commerce and president of the First National Bank raised funds for the construction and poured himself into the project. He was Walter Faust Jr. He loved the art nouveau Spanish Renaissance style hotel so much that he became its first owner. Walter moved his family into one of the suites and lived there until his death in 1933. In his honor the hotel was renamed "The Faust".


Many guests have spotted a "quaint and old-fashioned" man around the building. 3One former night manager reported the elevator doors would open and no one could be seen exiting the elevator. It happened about the same time every night. He also reported doors would open and close by themselves and chairs would be pushed back into place without anyone near them. Employees grown used to these kind of strange things and brushed them off as Walter is still taking care of the hotel. Lisa Farwell wrote in her book 1"Haunted Texas Vacations" that a visiting young couple saw an older man running the elevator. The bellman was wearing a plaid jacket. They ask a desk clerk who the man was and he assured then that the hotel did not employ an elevator operator or bellman. It must have been the ghost of Walter.


It seems Walter's spirit is not alone. Reports of a women carrying a child have been seen in the hallways of the grandiose hotel. They were surrounded by a bluish glow. As the witnesses watch the spectacle they just disappear before their eyes. It's not known who the woman and child are.  

A housekeeper has spotted a ghost of a young four or five year old girl playing in the third floor hallway. She is believed to be Christine, an ancestor of Walter Faust. Christine's portrait hangs on the third floor hallway.

When you're in New Braunfels and in need of a place to stay consider the hotel that Walter Faust built. It's still there and so is he.

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