Darcus Howe - Writer and social commentator

Darkus Howe
Darkus Howe


Date of birth: No information Place of birth: Trinidad 
Marital status & family:
Married, children 
Best known as:
The Devil's Advocate  
Honours & accolades: No information

Darcus Howe troublesome, outspoken writer and social commentator best known as the Devil's Advocate, which is the name of a current affairs programme he fronted for Channel 4 television in the mid-eighties.
Politically active since the 60s he writes a regular column for the magazine the New Statesman and is no stranger to controversy. Several of the television shows he has fronted for the BBC and Channel 4 have whipped up reactions -- more recently 'White Tribe' a look at Anglo-Saxon Britain. 
His daughter, Tamara Howe, is a director of production for London Weekend Television (LWT).
He lives in Brixton, South London.

.... outspoken writer and social commentator, Darcus Howe is best known as the Devil's Advocate.

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