Namco's Family Trainer Sells Over a Million

January 29, 2009 at 16:00 PST – Source: Namco Bandai

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Known in America as Active Life: Outdoor Challenge, the family sports game crosses the million sold mark in worldwide sales.

Namco Bandai announced recently in a Japanese press release that their Family Trainer title, known in America as Active Life: Outdoor Challenge, has crossed the million sold mark worldwide. According to Namco Bandai's sales figures, the title moved 140,000 units in Japan, 540,000 units in America, and 320,000 units in Europe.

The title is a revival of the Famicom Family Trainer series which made use of the Power Pad peripheral. The most recent edition of the game uses an updated version of the Power Pad called the Active Life Mat made specifically for Wii. The use of a stepping peripheral drew comparisons to Nintendo's Wii Fit title; however, according to Nintendo World Report, "Active Life: Outdoor Challenge separates itself from Wii Fit as its own game, and succeeds quite well at it."

Nick DiMola, Previews Editor

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