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"Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you last night. I have asked my treasurer Lou Trapani to return all funds to contributors and close the Friends of Michael Pollok account. We will notify the F.E.C. that I am withdrawing my statement of candidacy. Best of luck in your selection.
 PRESS RELEASE-January 23, 2009

Michael S. Pollok, a resident and attorney from Red Hook announced his intention to run as a candidate in the special election being held to fill Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s congressional seat in the 20th District. 
Mr. Pollok will be running as an Independent/Democrat on a political platform to keep families in their homes and creating jobs in this financial crisis. He will not take money from special interests and only represent the views of the residents of the 20th District and the American people.
From the Poughkeepsie Journal 1/30/09:
"[T] wo local candidates – Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner, D-Clinton, and attorney Michael Pollok, of Red Hook, said they have not been tapped to run. Thursday night, a group of candidates were interviewed by phone, Smith said. 'I was eliminated in that round of interviews,' said Pollok.
He said he will return the $130,000 in campaign contributions he received and he will officially withdraw from the race. Tyner could not be reached for comment, but in a mass e-mail he wrote he was not selected. A special election will be held to decide who will be the new U.S. representative. Gov. David Paterson has not announced when the election will take place. The district covers parts of Dutchess, Columbia, Essex, Warren, Otsego, Saratoga, Washington, Greene, Delaware, and Rensselaer counties.  The Democrat leading those county committees have been discussing the candidates by conference call for the past week, Smith said.  Finalists will be interviewed in person, Smith said. 'We’re holding our final interviews on Sunday,' she said."



Michael S. Pollok For Congress
Post Office Box 190
Red Hook, New York 12571

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Michael's Independent Platform for the Special Election
1. Keep ALL homeowners in their homes by federal restructuring of mortgages based on fair market values and refinancing at fixed rates at 4% or less for 30 years. This is not nationalization!  A New Bank of the United States needs to be chartered to take over these mortgages. The interest going to the treasury.
2. Support the stimulus and jobs creation packages and new SEC enforcement measures.
3. Equal pay for equal work among men and women and minorities.

4. Protect seniors from the financial crisis by relaxing pension withdrawal requirements in this down market so they are not forced to take losses.
5. Provide the president with the power to eliminate pork in the budget.
6. Invest in infrastructure to enhance homeland security, safety, and create jobs.
7. Reject partisanship and special interests to get the job done.
8. Secure our borders immediately and strictly enforce immigration laws to protect jobs and security.
9. Protect 2nd Amendment rights for lawful gun owners and increase penalties for criminals in possession of guns.
10. Protect privacy rights as technology advances while improving anti-terrorism technologies.
11. Establish merit promotion in government jobs, schools and all other public sector employment.
12. Attract science and math teachers from the private sector with monetary incentives.
13. Provide cash incentives to people who buy fuel-efficient cars.
14. Resist all lobbyists and represent the views of the people of the 20th district and the American people.
15. Protect Seniors by ensuring the social security trust fund.



Michael is a 42 year old attorney with 16 years of experience litigating in the federal and state courts. He lives full time in Red Hook, New York and is studying to be a teacher at Bard College in additional to practicing law. He is a board member of Hudson Valley Mental Health, Inc. which provides affordable mental health care to the public.


"United we stand, divided we fall." -Patrick Henry

Email: michael@pollokforcongress.com