Aug 6

New Interests

Category: Spray Paint

Hey everybody, long time no see. For the past couple months I’ve been taking an interest into digital art (since i just bought a new awesome new computer!). I want to share with all of you what i made.
Here it is:
Hawaii in a hundred years

Now to talk about it. I recently purchased Vue Easel and I’ve just been messing around with it. I personally have always been very interested in digital illustration and art (I’m a Big Gamer) and thought that I might do some research. I found Vue, a program made by e-onsoftware, and bought their program Easel. I am really enjoying it and might post some more work later, but I hope you guys enjoy my picture, and I hope to hear some comments about it. Thanks


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Jun 6

Windy Day Problems

Category: Spray Paint

Hey guys.

Today I have some advice for anyone who has ever thought about painting on a windy day. DON’T DO IT! I thought Yesterday that it wouldn’t be that hard to paint in the wind. I was direly mistaken, after about a half an hour of chasing rolling spray cans and wads of magazine across my yard I finally gave up. I accomplished nothing and i got spray paint all over my drive way. It was such a waste!

Anyway heed my advice. DON”T PAINT IN THE WIND!
See ya.

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May 28

New work

Category: Spray Paint

Hey everybody, Good news! I got my camera working and i painted a really good volcano scene. There are some things that i am going to discuss about how i made this one.


My favorite part of this painting is hands down the planet. The planet was a great success and I know why. One: I layered my colors differently, instead of putting down the paints from lightest to darkest, I mixed it up a little and went from middle to lightest to darkest. So instead of yellow, orange, red. I went orange, yellow, red. Second: I didn’t put the paints down as exact circles, one on top of the other. I tried to make areas where there was more yellow than orange, or more red than yellow…etc. Third of all, instead of laying down the magazine and smoothing it out for a moment against the paint, I laid it down for at most two seconds and then tore it off quickly, this gave the planet the great rough canyon texture which i really like.

Close up on Volcano planet

Here is an up close on the texture of the planet.

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May 24

A good laugh

Category: Spray Paint

Hey everybody.

I was just surfing the web today and i stumbled across this quote site. I have to share it with everybody because it has some of the funniest quotes ever! Here it is: I’ve been reading these for like an hour and i cant stop laughing. But anyways, my camera broke and i cant upload pictures now. Which is too bad because i just painted a really cool volcano scene using the plastic warp technique and i wanted to get some responses on it. I hope to get my camera working soon and than hopefully I’ll have a whole arsenal of pictures to upload. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied sharing a laugh with all of you.

See ya


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May 13

New technique

Category: Spray Paint, Tutorials

Hey everybody, i just wanted to talk about a new technique i saw recently. I usually use magazine for making textures when i paint, but i saw this guy who was using plastic wrap and it was making this really cool, rough looking texture. If anyone has used this technique before share comments and tell us whats special about it.

I am going to try it out on my next painting and I’ll put up some pictures of how it turns out…hopefully not blurry ones.


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Apr 30

More new work

Category: Spray Paint

Here is a new one i did. Sorry it is a little blurry

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Apr 18

New Art Work

Category: Gallery

Here are some new paintings I’ve done, I’m really happy about how they turned out, i hope you like them!



This was the first time that i used the technique of placing an object in front of one of my planets, i think it turned out pretty good.

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Mar 14

Using fire for quick drying

Category: Spray Paint

I recently received an email asking about the use of fire for spray painting. Often in professional videos you can see the artist set his painting on fire for a couple seconds after completion. This technique is really only used for quick drying the painting and serves no real other purpose, in fact, it is actually quite dangerous and I don’t recommend that any beginners try. Spray paints are ridiculously flammable!

I hope this info helps all you spray paint artists out there!

If you have any questions, contact me at dsgreen16(at)

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Mar 1


Category: Spray Paint

There are a lot of places that i find inspiration from, but my favorite is too just to go read quotes from life’s great thinkers. There are a lot of sites, but i like Inspirational-quotes, the quotes and ideas i’m looking for are really straight forward and easy to find there.

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Feb 10

The Basics

Category: Tutorials

As simple as the name, in this video I’ll be showing you the basic principles of creating your very own spray paint works of art. This video will cover making space, planets, stars, and comets.
The materials you will need are the following:
Gloss poster board
Circular lid
black spray paint
Yellow spray paint
Orange spray paint
Red spray paint
White spray paint

Those are some of the commen items used for making spray paint art. If you have any question about materials check out the materials category or email me at Good luck and have fun!

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