About The Show:
Hit the waves with the Curl Girls: Gingi, Michele, Melissa, Erin, Vanessa, and Jessica. Lovers and friends, these six hot, young women navigate the ups and downs of their love lives and careers while spending every free moment in the waves of the Pacific. By entering a competition against each...
Catch the first segment of Curl Girls Episode 1! Meet all the girls: Vanessa, who'll go topless for her love of shock value; Melissa and Jessica, the on again-off again, steamy couple; Michele and Erin, the surfing pros of the group; and sexy new-girl Gingi dives into the msix, and the dance of "lesbian introduction" begins!
If these pictures say anything, it's that surfing must do a body good. Catch the bikini-clad ladies of Curl Girls strike a few poses on the Cali beaches.