by Xenia Sunic

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Each time our rivers meet
In love or in clash,
We rest and save ourselves 
On the shores more resigned 
But calmer--as the rivers' depths deepen with age.
And we listen to the past echoes of time
Proud to have come so far together,
Where sweet serenity prevails,
Free of our youth's passion
But full of pregnant flow.
The waters heaved and spewed us again 
On our life path and I am becoming tired
And want to fall asleep on the wet sand,
To dream of love that changes,
And becomes sweet and mature
As the ruddy apple full of golden sun
In the mellowness of the autumn afternoon.
And then at the Yule when the fire glows,
When blood and juices in the veins stream slow, 
Waiting to be renewed in that so distant Sun
Oh, my love, I feel the pain of that love that changes so fast
But so sweetly you always say, you love me more
--and each time I wake up with you
On a different river shore.