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 Open Joint-Stock Company “Ukrainsky Grafit” - until 1994  “The Dneprovsky Electrode works” -  is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of carbon-based lining refractory materials and products for blast furnaces, other industrial furnaces, as well as   various electrode products for metallurgy,  machine-building, and chemical industries

Open Joint-stock Company «Ukrainsky Grafit» is a modern enterprise with a complete manufacturing cycle of all spectrum of carbon-based electrode and lining products. In September 2003, Ukrgrafit - the first electrode plant in the USSR - will celebrate its 70-th anniversary.
In 2002, there will be 50 years when series production of blast furnace blocks has started. Ukrgrafit (DEZ) has been manufacturing blocks for blast furnaces since 1952. Practically all blast furnaces of the former Soviet Union were lined with blast furnace blocks manufactured by Ukrgrafit. In the years of rapid increase in the production of iron and steel, the enterprise manufactured annually up to 30 sets of linings for blast furnaces, ferroalloy as well as other large metallurgical furnaces.
Ukrgrafit’s products are widely used at the metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, the CIS, countries of the former USSR as well in other countries. Ukrgrafit’s cathode blocks are considered to be the best by all aluminium plants in the CIS and they represent a serious competition to the world leading manufacturers of this type of products. It is a result of joint purposeful cooperation with aluminium manufacturers.
The graphite electrodes manufactured by Ukrgrafit are widely known in the CIS and they are competitive in the world market.
Ukrainsky Grafit is the only supplier of graphite blocks and anodes for magnesium industry in the CIS and at present it sells this product in the world market.
Today, Ukrgrafit’s trade mark and its products are recognized by many consumers, Ukrainian and international organizations. As regards the range and the quality of fabricated products Ukrgrafit holds leading position among manufacturers of similar carbon and graphite products in the CIS countries.
Unlike electrode products which are consumable materials for metallurgical processes, carbon and graphite blast furnace blocks are intended for lining metal reservoirs, the most important components of metallurgical furnaces. In the course of the entire between-repairs period with a standard period of 12 to 15 years, a blast furnace lining undergoes not only constant thermochemical and mechanical loads, but it also smoothes factors of instability during manufacturing processes. The service durability of blast furnace blocks manufactured by Ukrgrafit (DEZ), according to the 2000 survey is 18 to 22 years.
Certainly, the service durability of blast furnaces depends not only on the quality of the carbon and graphite lining material. Competent design solution , i.e. successful combination of high quality lining materials with the furnace design based on the experience of metallurgists, technologists, process men, designers plays an important role.
Metallurgical furnace designs are being improved, and better lining products are required. As a result , manufacturing processes for metal production are being improved and Ukrgrafit’s production facilities are being modernized: in 1997, a new shop for manufacturing carbon blanks started operation, new , more precise machine tools for machining blanks of various dimension-types were acquired.
The transition to the market economy has really become a «durability test» for blast furnace blocks, used for lining the metallurgical furnaces. The decrease in metal consumption on the domestic market has forced the metallurgical enterprises to search for new markets abroad, which are oriented towards consumption of finished steel and rolled metal. Therefore, the metallurgists were forced to invest money in the equipment ensuring quality of the final product, to the detriment of the observance of the between-repairs periods for blast furnaces. But blast furnaces lined with blocks manufactured by Ukrgrafit have withstood 20 years of operation and over and many of the blocks are still in operation.
After a long period of operation of blast furnaces there is a vivid trend towards the reconstruction and updating of blast furnaces in Ukraine and Russia. Out of 53 Ukrainian blast furnaces there are 36 furnaces still in operation , 20 of which require overhauls.
For not numerous largest blast furnaces ( Krivorozhstal plant, blast furnace No. 9 V = 5000 m3, Severstal plant, blast furnace No. 5 V = 5580 m3) the lining was previously manufactured in Japan, but the operation of blast furnace blocks of various manufacturers has shown, that durability of traditional lining manufactured by Ukrgrafit, practically, does not differ from imported one.
One of the basic advantages of stock company «Ukrgrafit» is its manufacturing technique improved by many generations of electrode manufacturers which includes stability of raw material base for manufacturing blast furnace blocks. Ukrgrafit has traditionally used only anthracites from certain mines in the Donetsk region mostly appropriate for obtaining electrode thermoanthracite, a basic filler for carbon products. Of great importance is also longstanding cooperation of the enterprise with scientific and design organizations of Ukraine and Russia which makes it possible to quickly and flexibly react to enhanced iron manufacturing technology and, as a consequence, to blast furnace modernization.
The selection of carbon, as a basis for refractory lining materials, is not accidental. Carbon has such unique properties as:
- Thermal stability up to 3000°С in reducing or inert atmosphere;
- Better durability of the blanks with the temperature growth;
- Excellent resistance to thermal shock;
- Low coefficient and low uniform rate of thermal expansion without phase transformations;
- Low rate of air oxidation up to 500°С, in vapor - up to 800°С, in СО2 - lower than 1000°С;
- High resistance to slag and acids;
- Low rate of wetting by metal and slag;
- Good electric and thermal conductivity;
- Good machinability with small tolerances.
Innovation trends in the development of technology of metallurgical production promote increase in a range of products fabricated by Ukrgrafit. When introducing spouts - baths at casting yards of blast furnace shops at metallurgical integrated works there was a problem with refractory lining for the main tapping spout, since continuous availability of the melt in the spout requires special lining material whose durability is close to that of the metal reservoir materials (the hearth and the bottom) for the blast furnace.
In 2001, Ukrgrafit manufactured a set of carbon block lining for the main tapping spout of blast furnace No. 2 at the Petrovsky metallurgical plant in Dnepropetrovsk «. The design of the main spout for blast furnace No. 2 at the Petrovsky metallurgical plant was developed together with the production and technology personnel of the blast furnace shop and with active participation of the experts of the Ukrainian Association of Iron Manufacturers. The design of the main spout for blast furnace No. 2 at the Petrovsky metallurgical plant in Dnepropetrovsk includes know-how, which allowed lowering consumption of the spout paste (contact layer) by two-fold.
Ukrgrafit’s representatives regularly participate in conferences of metallurgists, Ukrgrafit arranges annual meetings of the metallurgical experts with involvement of the following scientific and design organizations: the Ukrainian Association of Iron Manufacturers, Ukrgipromez, the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, Bereznoy UkrNIIO. In December 2001, Ukrgrafit was the venue of research-and-production meeting of the blast furnace experts. The blast-furnace operators from Ukraine and Russia saw for themselves, that for the last 5 years Ukrgrafit has done a lot to improve manufacturing technique for blast furnace blocks and increase their quality, which meet the modern requirements of blast furnace operation and can ensure the minimum service life of blast furnaces of 15 years.
The priorities in Ukrgrafit’s activity are: constant improvement of the products and processes, development of the enterprise taking into account the interests of the consumers in the metallurgical industry, shareholders, the state and the society as a whole.
Ukrgrafit has developed, introduced and certificated the quality management systems on compliance with ISO 9001 international standard, which helps the enterprise to move forward in the chosen direction. At present, Ukrgrafit is getting ready for the certification of the environment management system on compliance with ISO 14000 international standard
Ukrgrafit is constantly improving the processes, updating production and developing new types of products.
At present, Ukrgrafit is considered to be the enterprise of a metallurgical complex at a state level.
Since 2002, Stock Company «Ukrainsky Grafit» has been the enterprise included in the Ukrainian Association of Iron Manufacturers, that allows solving concrete problems and flexibly react to problems which metallurgists may have.
The overall performance of metallurgists and electrode manufacturers depends on their joint efforts with the purpose of achieving one goal: highly-efficient and safe operation of blast furnaces.

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