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90210 Reunion: Tori Spelling to Guest in Pilot; Ian Ziering Definitely Wants In

Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering AP photo/Gaas, Jason Merritt/

The plot thickens! Or at least the cast list for CW's new 90210 spinoff thickens!

Sources close to Big Green tell me that Tori Spelling will join former castmate Jennie Garth in the new series. After asking to guest star on the series, sources tell me that she has been written into the pilot. In that first ep, Tori cameos with a few lines in a brief shopping scene with the girls.

Ian Ziering Lisa O'Connor/

I'm told that Ian Ziering, aka Steve Saunders, is also very interested in signing on. In fact, I'm hearing that both Tori, Ian and their "people" have been reaching out to producers and the network on a almost daily basis to see where the situation with the show stands!

Awww...the gang's (almost) all here!

Jennie Garth Aaron Rapoport/FOX

As for Jennie's part in all this, I'm hearing she was originally supposed to be a series regular, but she would only sign on as a recurring character to start. She wants to see how the show does before committing to a specific number of episodes. 

Worth noting: None of the original castmembers wanted to be the first to sign on, but once Jennie went for it, they followed suit. Always a leader, that Kelly!

Luke Perry Jesse Grant/

From what I'm hearing, many of the original castmembers are expected to make cameos at one point or another. Dare we hope for some Jason Priestley or Luke Perry action while we're here?

Are you excited about Tori and Ian signing up for some guest work of their own? Y/N? Check out the spinoff preview video below, make your most-wanted-guest-appearance pick in our poll below and then post your thoughts about all this 90210 news in the comments!

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