@lantis Interactive, Inc. Company Profile

@lantis Interactive, Inc. is a leading creator, producer and distributor of entertainment content and owns the @lantisTV network. The company's principal business activities are conducted through four operating groups: Internet, Publishing, Motion Pictures and Television. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, the company's web site is www.lantis.tv.

As the world's exclusive link to the secret U.S. dig in Antarctica and "earth's coolest entertainment," @lantisTV is one of the most creative combinations of fantasy and reality in entertainment today.

Every week tens of thousands of Internet subscribers anxiously await news updates on a fictional archeological dig in Antarctica. World-class archeologists are even submitting their resumes to @lantisTV in hopes of joining the expedition. And educators who “get it” are using @lantisTV as a valuable learning tool to capture the attention of jaded students.

The social mission @lantisTV is to produce works of imagination and impact that shape the world's vision of reality. Via books, movies, TV, the Web and other media, @lantisTV aims to entertain, enlighten and empower audiences the world over.


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