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Since the inception of his career at age 13 with his debut “Boomin Words From Hell", legendary Detroit music mogul Esham has single handedly shunned conventional industry standards with the invention of “Acid Rap”. Esham is a maniacal, self-produced emcee with a penchant for hardcore lyrical content and unlimited styles. With over 15 solo projects under his belt, he also produces/directs his own videos while running his private media corporation, Gothom Inc.

Esham drops original, groundbreaking projects at a frantic pace with each album offering a dramatic difference in creative vision and sound from the last. The rhymes drip with scathing religious and political commentary while often diving deep into the description of the perilous Detroit underworld. Esham consistently pushes the envelope with new lyrical inventions and distorted musical concoctions designed to give listeners an auditory high.

A violent upbringing in a post-industrial, drug infested Detroit helped Esham to formulate a career based on discussing the darker aspects of life. During adolescence, he attended Detroit schools during the school year while spending his summers near Amityville, NY with family. The combination of the heroin and crack epidemic in Motown along with the renaissance of New York’s hip hop explosion would serve as the foundation for Esham to begin writing and producing his own music.

By the time he was Nineteen, Esham and his brother James Smith had cemented their reputation as self-made men and indie pioneers by way of Esham’s successful releases through their own record label, Reel Life Productions (RLP). By 1992, they had already released 6 different projects including rap’s first double album and the debut release from Natas, a group consisting of Esham, Mastamind and TNT. The upcoming years would find Esham establishing his brand as one of the Midwests premiere hip hop establishments, major or indie.

In 1998, Esham signed a record deal with Scott Santos of Overture Music and together they formed Overcore. Through Esham’s back catalog, Overcore landed a significant distribution deal with then indie giant, TVT Records. For the first time in his career, his complete back catalog was made available in major retail outlets throughout the entire U.S. Coverage expanded greatly and soon Esham would earn features in Rolling Stone, The Source, Alternative Press, Metro Times, Rap Pages, Rap Sheet and Murderdog among others.

Esham has traveled the world performing throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Chile. His resume includes nationwide tours with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Westside Connection, Kool Keith, Ice-T, ICP and he most recently completed the 2008 Sacrificial Lambz promo tour. Check for Esham backed by the Poison Prophets on the Substance Abuse Tour in Fall 2008.

After a stint with Psychopathic Records (a Michigan based label backed by Sony) where he released 2003’s “Repentance” and 2005’s “A-1 Yola”, Esham is now at the helm of his career as CEO of Gothom Inc. With a full scale radio campaign, a ferocious tour schedule and anticipation spreading like wildfire for his upcoming release, “Sacrificial Lambz”, catch Esham making it rain hell worldwide in 2008 and beyond.