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90210 Hell, Yes: Series Spinoff...Led by Mars Boss Rob Thomas?!

Beverly Hills 90210, Rob Thomas Michael Caulfield/

The rumors are true, folks: Nearly 20 years (OMG...20? Really?!) after the launch of Beverly Hills, 90210 on an up-and-coming network called Fox, some new kids from West Beverly may soon be appearing on an up-and-coming network called the CW.

CW sources confirm that rumors of a 90210 spinoff are true. And it's going to be just that—a spinoff, not a remake. That is, they won't be recasting the parts of Brenda and Brandon Walsh, but they will be putting a bunch of rich, gorgeous people together in a fabulous setting and soaping them up. Mmmm...bubbles.

Rob Thomas, yes, our Rob Thomas, the genius mastermind behind Veronica Mars, is rumored to be in talks to lead the foray into this brave new world of attractive, monied young people and the other attractive people they hang out with. Now, the neo-noir style of Neptune would seem to be a far cry from the extreme gloss of your 90210s, your O.C.s and your Gossip Girls, but the man who brought us Logan Echolls can surely think of something to do with fabulously wealthy and insanely good looking people, no?

What do you guys think? Is this an idea whose time has come, or an idea whose time passed somewhere around 1995? I'm dying to hear your thoughts! Post in the comments below!


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