From Lilo to Grub

Install grub using your prefered package manager or installer

Preservation of configuration files

Configuration files are in Lilo in


and in Grub in


Lilo conf

boot = tells where you want lilo to reside for your boot Later you can see a label, and the boot sector to use on a specific partition.

boot = /dev/hda <<install on the master boot record of hda
install = /boot/boot.b

delay = 50
timeout = 50
vga    = normal

default = linux 

# maintain the original distributed kernel (and it's modules) at all times

image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.10-modular
    label  = linux
    root   = /dev/hdc1

# use this image when compiling 'new' kernels

image = /boot/some_other_image
    label  = new
    root   = /dev/hdc1

# use this for dos dual booting

other = /dev/hda1
  label = dos
  table = /dev/hda

Kernels, disks and partition designations

Grub uses its own designations for hard disks and partitions instead of the common Linux device designations (such as /dev/hda1). The device and partition numbering starts with zero.

The floppy disk drive is designated as fd0, all hard disks are designated as hd0, hd1, and so on. The partition designation is appended, separated by a comma: hd0,0 is the first partition on the first hard disk.

(fd0)   Floppy disk drive
(hd0)   First hard disk in the system (the boot hard disk)
(hd1)   Second hard disk
(hd0,0) First partition on the first hard disk

The partition numbers 0 to 3 represent the four primary partitions. Logical partitions are numbered from 4:

(hd0,0) First primary partition on the first hard disk
(hd0,1) Second primary partition
(hd0,2) Third primary partition
(hd0,3) Extended partition
(hd0,4) First logical partition
(hd0,5) Second logical partition
(hd0,6) Third logical partition

In Lilo /dev/hda1 is equivalent to (hd0,0) in Grub

It has been proposed a new system to avoid the zero, using n before hd (nhd). So (hd0,0) would be (nhd1,1)




  title Scary New Kernel (2.5.44)
   root (hd0,0)
   kernel /vmlinuz-2.5.44 ro root=LABEL=/ hdd=ide-scsi
   initrd /initrd-2.5.44.imgWhen you reboot, the Scary New Kernel option will be available (but not the default).

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