PhreakNIC 12

PhreakNIC 13 info not available yet, but it will be Oct 2009

I received an email from this person asking if I would forward on the following information. I have never met her face to face, but I did call the number given to me in another email and the phone was answered by someone claiming to be Nicole @ Discovery Channel. She simply asked that I not post her phone number due to the overwhelming number of calls that she already receives.

Discovery Channel is searching for male and female talent for a mischievous "gang" of builders, scientists, inventors, engineers, carpenters, welders, and designers for a new series where they will be let loose on the world of machines to mod/repurpose/retro-engineer everyday objects to devious ends for a new series.

Do you get a thrill out of designing your own contraptions, hacking gadgets, or modifying machines and watching them in action? We are looking for people who love to invent, hack, tinker, build robots, race power tools, weld together bizarre machines that drive, fly, climb, shoot flames or launch.

Handy skills could include: welding, knowledge of aeronautics, auto mechanics, hydraulics, metal working, carpentry, pyro technics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, material science, electronics.

No prior television experience necessary -- just have a passion for the subject.

If interested, please submit the following by Feb. 10th:

We strongly prefer submissions either as an email link or in DVD+R format if possible, but mini-DV tapes are ok.

Submissions can be sent to:

Nicole Vogel
Coordinator, Casting and Talent Development
Discovery Networks
850 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022

or emailed to: