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04:40 AM: Sports Ch-ch-ch-changes; a look back at the 1967 birth of the Super Bowl Read

04:35 AM: Money While Americans save by spending less, the economy suffers; U.S, citizens savings rate increased 3 % in last 3 months of 2008 Read

04:30 AM: War Remembering the Iranian revolution of 1979 Look

04:25 AM: Video New flight simulation game allows players to land in the Hudson River Watch

04:20 AM: Yikes! Volcano 90 miles from Japanese capitol of Tokyo erupted Monday; no injuries or damage reported Read

04:15 AM: Fun It's Groundhog's day once again; will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Read

04:10 AM: Wacky Last night's Super Bowl game was interrupted for Comcast viewers in Tucson, Arizona when a pornographic film took over their screens; cable company is investigating Read

04:05 AM: Yikes! Get up close and personal during the Running of the Bulls Look

04:00 AM: War 1 Palestinian killed in Israeli air strike on southern Gaza Strip Watch

03:55 AM: Yikes! British newspaper prints photo of Gold medal olympian Michael Phelps smoking marijuana pipe; athlete admits to bad judgement Read

03:50 AM: Showbiz Review of Liam Neeson's new flick Taken Read

03:45 AM: News In 6 years the Mexican government hopes to have 12 million elementary school students learning English Read

03:40 AM: Fun Doing Mardi Gras up the New Orleans way Look

03:35 AM: Showbiz Smithsonian wants hat worn by Aretha Franklin during President Obama's Inauguration Read

03:30 AM: Yikes! Pennsylvania farm recalls Enoki mushrooms for possible Listeria contamination Read

03:25 AM: Politics President Obama's journey to the White House Look

03:20 AM: Showbiz A glimpse into this year's DGA Awards Read

03:15 AM: Tech Cybercrime costs companies 1 trillion dollars each year; $ 6.6 million each time there is a data breach Read

03:10 AM: Games Mamba Games to release 6 add-ons over 2 years for Microsoft Flight Sim beginning in March Read

03:05 AM: Science Houston area children with cancer take vacation from their disease; videoconference with downtown aquarium Read

03:00 AM: Crime Crime on the rise in Tijuana as Mexican drug wars escalate Listen

02:55 AM: Showbiz Check out Entertainment Weekly's 18 shameless reality television stars Look

02:50 AM: Gossip 3 of Robert DeNiro's New York City restaurants pay $2.5 million settlement to wait staff over tip sharing and not being paid overtime Read

02:45 AM: Fun Exploring New York City's Chinatown Read

02:40 AM: News New Orleans staging a comeback after Katrina through local eateries Read

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