Title: Phantom of the Opera

Author/Artist: JET based on the book by Gaston Leroux

Publisher: Asuka Comics DX

Style: Shojo -- Horror

# of Books: 1

Rating: PG-13

Summary written by: Gloria Oliver

Main Characters:

Raoul De Chaney

Raoul is a young aristocrat visiting the opera with his friend Philip while in Paris. While at the opening party, he finds out that Christine Daue, a childhood friend, is part of the opera company's singers. He decides to pursue their friendship where it had left off, but comes to realize that something is not quite right after Christine mentions to him that she has found the Angel of Music that his father used to tell them stories about.

Christine Daue

Christine is an opera singer on her way up. Her voice is totally enchanting and though loved by all, she cannot rise to the leading roles in the opera due to the famous singer already in residence. For months, Christine has been privately tutored by a man she calls her " Angel of Music." While everything has been going wonderfully, and she has learned much, things begin going wrong once Raoul comes back into her life and her angel begins making demands he never has before.

The Phantom

The Phantom has been a blemish on the opera house for years. Rumors of him abound. An opera box is left empty for him at every performance, on his demand. He is tutoring Christine because he can see that she has a tremendous amount of potential. He is also intensely in love with her. But, due to the way he looks, he had yet to make his feelings known to her until he feels threatened by Raoul.

Story Summary

Based on the book by Gaston Leroux, JET has transformed the story of The Phantom of the Opera into a visual masterpiece. The Phantom, who has been haunting the opera house for years, take Christine under his wing and works to bring out her true singing potential. Once Raoul enters the scene, the Phantom forbids her from seeing him again and begins putting pressure on the opera house owners to let Christine be the star of the opera house. As the Phantom's warnings are ignored, he begins a reign or terror on the opera house as well as try to kill Raoul, whom he perceives as a rival for Chirstine's affections.

At one point, the Phantom takes Christine away to his underground home deep in the Parisian aqueducts. He is hoping to woo her but his plans are set back as Christine's curiosity gets the better of her and she removes the Phantom's mask to get a better look at her Angel of Music.

As all seems to turn against him, the Phantom gets more desperate finally kidnapping Christine to force her to marry him. Raoul is able to get a hint as to where they have gone and tries to save her. The Phantom traps Raoul in a noose and tells Christine that if he is to be saved, she must marry him. Christine says that she will, but the Phantom realizes that she will never love him as he desires. He frees them both and leaves to face the pursuing police and is killed.

JET does an incredibly beautiful job of rendering this time loved classic.

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