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January 31, 2009

The Slanket: They're made of higher quality, and subsequently cost more: $44.95. There are more color choices, too, from apricot to Texas tea.

The Toasty Wrap: There appears to be absolutely no difference between this and a Snuggie. It costs $19.95 for two, and you even get the same book light. The Toasty Wrap, however, earned Montel Williams' seal of approval on his talk show.

The Cuddlewrap: An enormous plaid blanket with bell sleeves. Zips up and snaps on. On sale for $24.99 at

The Softie Wrap: Looks like a cross between a down vest and a sleeping bag. Currently sold out at the Home Shopping Network Web site.

The Snug Sack: It's down, reversible and resembles an ugly bathrobe with a zipper. Currently sold out at

The SleepSack: Sold by Halo, these wearable blankets are strictly for babies and offer convenient access to dirty diapers.

The Freedom Blanket: Essentially a Snuggie with a high number of customer complaints. The Web site has been disabled.