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Marshall Seese

 Marshall Seese
After 20 years of service, Marshall Seese retired from The Weather Channel in November 2008. Marshall was the co-host of Your Weather Today since its launch in 2000.

My Hometown

Park Ridge, IL


Marketing, University of Illinois
Meteorology, Portland State University

Interests & Hobbies

I'm an amateur photographer and avid golfer, constantly trying to improve my single digit handicap.

Awards & Accreditations

AMS Seal of Approval
NWA Seal of Approval

What would you like to know about Marshall Seese?

Q: What were some the highlights of your career at The Weather Channel.

A: The highlights of my time at The Weather Channel are too numerous to mention but include coverage of Hurricane Hugo and hosting the first documentary at The Weather Channel to be nominated for a prestigious CableACE Award.

Nov 06, 2008

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Goodbye Marshall Seese!
Goodbye Marshall Seese!

Goodbye Marshall Seese! NEW!

Nov. 5, 2008 Today was Marshall's last da...


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