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Even though they scampered straight to Hollywood as soon as they troubled the charts, the Counting Crows left an indelible impression on at least one San Francisco band before taking off. "Tell me, did you sail across the sun/Did you make it to the Milky Way to see all the lights faded," sings Pat Monahan on the title track of Train's sophomore album, Drops of Jupiter, conjuring vivid memories of Recovering The Satellites. The anthemic song is the centerpiece here, showcasing the singer's yearning voice and band's swooping, string-laden melodies, but Train has more to offer. The brooding "Mississippi" presents an intoxicating mix of acoustic guitars and dreamy horns, while "Let It Roll" mixes mournful slide guitars and loose-limbed rhythms in the perfect meeting of blustery earnestness and unapologetic commerciality. (AIDIN VAZIRI)

(Posted: Mar 27, 2001)


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