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December 2008


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Teacher STAR Cards! Baseball Players have their Trading Cards, Topps and Upper Deck. Why not have Teacher Cards and reward students for R.andom A.cts of K.indness? Topp Deck! Ready-Made TEMPLATES are in the Support File!

CellMitosis Microscopy video of a cell undergoing mitosis.

African American Soldier An African American Soldier of the Revolutionary War

A Walk Through Space A slide show of Hubble images set to music.

Protein Synthesis Animation This animation shows the processes of transcription and translation of protein synthesis. Visit americanbookcompany.com for more science resources!

The Rules For Comma Usage The basic rules for comma usage.

How to Mark Up Papers Digitally Using MS Word In this tutorial for teachers, I describe how to mark up papers digitally using MS Word. I show how to find the Reviewing Tool Bar, how to highlight text, and how to insert comments.

Thomas Jefferson on the Responsibility of Vigilance Thomas Jefferson, portrayed by actor-historian Steven Edenbo, speaks to a group of college students about the necessity of active, educated civic dissent in a republic.

How to Create a Crayon Batik A step by step guide to creating a Crayon Batik.

TeacherTube eNewsletter, December 2008

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