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The Pepsi Challenge Cup Cross Country Ski Race!

The 25th Annual Pepsi Challenge Cup Race will be held Jan. 17, 2009 at Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort in Biwabik. Giants Ridge has a world class reputation for its race trails and snow grooming. The Ridge has held the World Cup, Olympic Trials, National Collegiate Finals and U. S. National Championships. The Pepsi Challenge Cup is a 48k free style race on the world class Nordic Trail System. There are four companion races; 24k Laurentian Loppett, 48K Classic, 24k Classic and 10k Mini Challenge. There is a race to accommodate skiers at every level. The Pepsi Challenge Cup Race is part of the American Ski Marathon Series and serves as a Birke Qualifier.
Race Day Information


  • Pepsi Challenge Wax Report Read the report for wax reccomendations for the 2009 Pepsi Challenge, or visit Toko Midwest Wax Tips for more information.
  • Weather Report
    Friday night lows range from -5 to -10 below F
    Saturday high range from 10 – 15 degrees above F

    At this time there are no weather delays – the race is on.
    We will be updating the weather reports at Registration on Friday (Noon to 10:00 pm) If there is a one-hour race delay, it will be posted there.

    Course Maps

  • Stadium Map The races will start and finish in the stadium at Giants Ridge.
  • 10k Course Map The 10k race will be run as two laps around a 5k loop.
  • 24k & 48k Course Map The 24k race will be run as one lap around a 26k loop, with the 48k race taking two laps around the loop. The actual length of the races will be 26k and 52k.

There will be no Kinderlauf for 2009.
Kinderlauf has been cancelled for Friday, Jan. 16th, 2009 due to the predicted high wind chill factor. – per MYSL – Anne Carter

There will be a $10.00 cash refund at Registration this year for each of the skiers that were pre-registered in any of the 24K & 48K races. New banquet tickets will also be waiting for you at Registration (in Biwabik) if you had purchased banquet tickets last year.

When registering for the 2009 race, register like you normally would and pay the appropriate fee for this year's race. Your refund will be at the Biwabik Registration only.

In Celebration of our 25th Anniversary, the 1st 200 registered skiers (with banquet tickets) attending our Awards Banquet will receive a free 25th anniversary commemorative mug!

All Founders will receive a special 25th Anniversary Mug! Founders, if you are not attending the banquet, but skiing the 25th Pepsi, please let me know and a mug will be mailed to you.

For more information phone Race Headquarters at (218) 865 3000 ext 3409 or Giants Ridge at 1-800-688-7669 ext. 3409. Contact Pepsi Hq

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