ClosetMonster's Photo Manipulations

OK...They're not all mine. In fact most of them aren't mine. I'm always happy to showcase any talent that has to do with your favorite and mine....Female Masks! Let me know what you think, or send some of your own! (Let me know if you want an alias or an email link when you send any of your work.) ClosetMonster's Email
ClosetMonster's Own:  Some manipulations of my own design.
      11/9/99 Mars Needs Women!
      11/20/99 Undercover
      12/11/99 Experiment
      12/29/99  Bad Moon Rising
      2/2/00  The Blue Dress  (Dedicated to Nanae)
      4/8/00  Laying down in blue  My first 3D Poser / photo mix.
      4/22/00  Realdoll...the Suit!
      4/29/00  Keep it smooth.  (Don't want any wrinkles!)
      7/22/00  Swimsuit Issue  (Created during the photomanipulation tutorial.)
      10/15/00  Happy Halloween!  My old introduction to the site.
      7/15/01  I'm not ready yet!  
Blonde Spy:  Now an established online artist!  She'd like to hear from you! 
      4/13/02: Spice Rack
      9/12/01:  Britney II
      9/12/01:  Madonna
      5/27/00  A little story!
      7/29/00  Romi's Secret!

Nightshade:  A welcome regular to the site.  This is some great stuff!
     I'm gonna need more than a smoke...
     The mirror never lies...or does it?
     Almost ready, let me tuck this in.
     Sweetheart, what ya do to me!
     Careful, you'll put someone's eye out with those!
     Blonde 'n busty fun!
     Yeah, Baby, yeah!
     Cosmic thang!
     Latex in the alley
     Center stage
     Stretch to fit
     Rooftop lights
     Those gloves and boots really complete the outfit!
     Just a little more spirit gum
     Zentai blend
     I like bubble-gum, how 'bout you?
     They look real to me!
     This dress isn't the only latex I'm wearing ;)
     Sure, it's loose now, but wait until I zip it up!
     Angel stunt doubles, or guys just having fun?
     Last minute adjustments
     Featuring the double sided zipper...for your convenience
     Trying for the fit
     Time for your close-up!
     I'd like to see this is a catalog!
     I'll take one in a size 9, thankyou :)
     The big switch!
     Santa's new suit - animated gif
     Marilyn goes to the Darkside
     Gettin' her wild side on!
     Elvira is one of the more popular Halloween costumes...for good reason!
     The "wedgie" is a common technique for proper bodysuit fitting.
     After a hot night of partying.....
     Goooo Tigers!  Yaaayyy!
     You're right, Hon.  The hair's not real.
     Once you've had it, you'll never go back!
     Ok, girls.  Photo shoots over.  You can return your
                outfits to wardrobe now.
     When something's going wrong, you must rip it!
     Now rip it!  Into shape,  shape it up, get straight, go forward.........
     Got great office skills, but no one wants a male secretary?  No problem!
     Pinnochio impersonations
     Marylin costume contest winner.....hands down!
     Do you want to come back to my place, for some bouncy, bouncy?
     Stretchy is good
     Wearing the proper gear is very important when riding your motorcycle.
     Pardon me while I whip this thang out.........(Caution, this one's a bit more hardcore than usual.)
     Tossed aside
     Pull harder!
     Strip tease!
     Look what I found in my Easter Basket!
     With a wink and a nod......
     And now for something completely different  (Big animation file!)
     That ol' Black Magic!
      Bodysuit got back!
     SlimFast  One extreme to the next!  
     Washed ashore
     Can't make up your mind?  Wear 'em all!
     It gets hot in here!
     Sarenna is disguise!  This was inspired and developed from Doug's animation of the Sarennabot.
     Suicide Blonde - One way to find out if they have more fun...
     Assume the position and unzip!
     Time for a smoke!
     Ethnic change!
     A male realdoll suit! 
     Halloween Boo!
     Halloween Boo2!
Luke:  He's graced us with all those delicious Diabolik scans and video captures, now he's showing off
           his talent for photomanipulation!
     Slip into true beauty
     Nicole's stunt double:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
     And the best actress award goes to.......
     Do you always have that scratchy feeling in the morning?
     Eva animation
     Eva animation close up
     Jane at the office
     Christina's stunt double?
     Ponytail pull
     A wonderful woman indeed!
     Diana Prince, or.......?
Fuzziest: Another manipulator who frequents our Yahoo group.
     Black and white
     Blondes have more fun!
     Teri suit
     Another Teri suit (can't have too many!)
     The Captain, trying on 7 of 9
     Tilly suit
Isador:  Another new artist with some sleek pictures.  :)
     Good girl, getting her bad side on.
     Maybe I should keep the robe closed?
     Check out my new suit!
     It's fun to be other people!
     Go ahead, try me know you want to....
     Wear your best with your leather  (And an animated gif too!)
     Is it noticeable?
     You win either way!  (animated gif)
Praying Mantis:  Not just a style of kung-fu anymore.  Lol
     Will the fake Avril please stand up
     In his father's footsteps
     Did I pass the test?
     Tribute to Giselle
     Asian Provacateur
     Rock 'n' Roll Debbie
     Prom night revenge
     If the shoes fit...why not the rest of her?
     Girl-suit options
     The girl next door?

Nathan:  Nathan likes the aliens!  (And who doesn't?) 
     Alien bodysuit
     Alien disguise shop (part 1)
     Alien disguise shop (part 2)
     Let's see....which one?

The Flip:  Another newcomer, learning the fun of photomanipulation.  :)
     Extreme zippers
     The Flip tries GMod, a video game engine to make some suit pics
               GMod1     GMod2     GMod3
     On the couch
     Catgirls in my bed?
     How cute do I look?
     Join the Flip's Guild
     Brit gets a wash 
     Seeing double? 
     Nice pair!  (Of suits I mean.)
     The Flip's debut
From China:  A new friend who likes to mix real masks with photos (nicely done :)
     This little kitten still has her mittens
     Snakeskin shoes
Kelly:  Welcome Kelly and have a peek into her closet!
     Poppa's got a brand new pair of fun bags!
Alex:  The creator of the well known Yahoo! groups "Ladies in Wigs"  Check out his mask art!
     Alternate Mission
     At the mirror 
Chippy the Attack Gopher:  Our latest artist!  "He's all need to worry about him...." 
     Come on in, the rubber's fine
     Nothing more sad than an unused bodysuit
Dakota:  If there's anything I learned from watching Dukes of Hazard, it was "Never trust a
               woman named after a state."  Either way, I like the pictures.  Lol
     Smallville's finest suit
     In the open field
     I'd like to work at this campaign headquarters!
     Bareskin rug
     Not the best exit
     White shoes
     Easy chair
Daremo:  Let's welcome another new mask artist.  Looking good!
     Japanese school girl series, showing the latest in current fashions......masks.
          School girl 1
          School girl 2
          School girl 3
DvDv:  A long time friend in the masking scene!  Here's some of his latest work.
     With a practiced ease
     Mutli-girl series
               Getting ready
               What beauty
               Eyes first
               Now the wig
               Ready for action!
Jessica Trance:  Jessica proves to be an all around mask artist.
     A little adjustment at the photo-shoot
     First we paint on the make-up...
     ...then we cut the eye openings.
     Don't go anywhere without your holographic mask compact.
     Fit fun
     Girl gettin wet
     Samantha 1
     Samantha 2
Zilvara DeJewels:  A long time friend to the site!
     Body Costume:  Stop by RubberDollies for the original picture and other latex pics!
     Magic Suit
     Alicia:  the bodysuit girl
Skink:  What better way to spend the day when you're home with the flu?  Make some pics!
     Blonde to Red
Gnosis:  Archived from the Female Disguise Media group
     Never mind makeup, just cover it!
Niveh:  A new friend sends in a great picture!  Let's hope we get to see more!
Helix:  Yet another artist enters the fray!
     Wet Mask - Some silicone compounds just don't mix well with water
Morganna Blackwood:  Another new friend with some creative manipulations using photos of herself
                                     in her masks!  Send her an E-mail!  She'd love to hear from you!
                                     You can also visit her on her site "Morganna's World"
     Wraith Portal
     Madame Masque
     Asian girl
     Working late again
     Desperately seeking Sonia
     Old model in the barn
     Refreshing dip
     Undercover Dom
     Oops!  Make sure things are secure!
     Is this normal, Doctor?
     Klingon Spy!  I could really get into a Counselor Troi suit....literally!
     Halloween Greetings!
     Will the real Betty Page please stand up?

Raven:  You've seen Raven's story vignettes on many sites, now we get to see some great
              little photomanipulations!  You go, Raven!
     Jonathan's hobby
     Ready at a moment's notice!
     The latest from Ravenco:  The Pregnancy suit
     Ravenco's Mature Line
     No more mail room for me!
     Just hangin' around this weekend...
     The Sexy Librarian's secret!
     A girl's perogative
     Fame & Fortune
     Stepford Wife?
     RavenCo advertisement 1
     RavenCo advertisement 2
     RavenCo advertisement 3
     RavenCo advertisement 4
     RavenCo's new "stretch masks"
     Jesse takes charge
     A nice little rear entry?
     Corporate Takeover
          Raven's Political Masking Satires
               Becoming Hillary
               Bush likes 'em young
               Hillary goes under cover
               Spare time job
               Change of plans!
               The world just keeps getting weirder and weirder...
               "Miss" Jackson if you're nasty!
               Substitute Senator
               No one will ever notice...
               Laura Bush:  first lady or fembot?
               The Plot - part 1
               The Plot - part 2
               The Plot - part 3

WarpMasterX:  He's got some photo software, and he's not afraid to use it!
     A super combo
     Pink panties

Mr E:  Some excellent manipulations and story vignettes!
     The Assassin's plan
     Mistress hit

The One:  Another manipulator joins the fray!  Looking good so far!
     Perfect fit
     Carmen Chameleon
     Look what I got!
     A star is worn
     Biguns, inside and out
     Natural blonde?
     Farm girls
     Girls' night out!  Incognito
     Hmmm....must be my size.
     J'lo's got back!
     Better check her I.D.
     One size fits all?  (Maybe not)
     Wimbledon wannabe
     Beyonce's workout disguise   (yummy!)
Mark:  Everyone wave at the monitor, and say, "Hi", to Mark.  :)
     Paris...Paris Bond
     Cameron celebrity appearance
     Mark's first try at an animated unmasking.
EveryMan:  Another budding young artist?  Let's hope so.
     Lizard Lady
     Final preparations
     Garbo Mask
     Sporty to sexy!
Stu:  You've seen his Poser work, check out his photomanipulations too!
     Mission Impossible wish
     Pretty girl with a smile
     Lisa Torso
     Maskblend:  A cool effect of blending an actual mask photo
                                    with a real face photo.
Blood Lust:  That's his name, and he's sticking to it.  :)
     Switching sides
     The new Kigurumi
     Tore another one?
     Neolife:  Equal Opportunity
     Brittney on the rocks please...
     Here, this one's for you...
Shutz:  Another new artist in town?
     Big 'uns bodysuit  "Does it come with back support?"
Tom:  Manipulation simplicity.
     After the show
JR:  Enjoy the vignettes  :)
     Brittany and Chynna
     Maria suit
Stacey Dee:  A friend from Ghostly Writer's discussion forum!
      7/8/00  Mariah!  (A simple manipulation, but the small story does it for me!)
Duffman:   Excellent peel wrinkles!  If this is his first, any improvements will be beyond my abilities!
       2/19/00  Scully:  Did you ever wish that Scully was replaced by an evil alien android?
                                              Well feast your eyes!
                      Scully2:  This time Scully is really an alien!
Dale:  We're seeing some excellent work from Dale!  I'm sure we'll be seeing more through the year!
     Mr Mom - The Movie!  Funny, I don't remember this scene!
     Christmas:  Santa's got a brand new look!
     Miss New Year:  And the judges say...."Gasp!"
     Ground Hog's Day:  That Puxatawny Phil!  Tried to sneak up on his shadow in disguise!  Silly rodent...
     Valentine's Day:  Nothin' says lovin' like wearing a rubber suit and doin' the Monkey!
John:   John is getting creative with his photo software!  Hope we get to see more!
      10/15/00:  Jenna Jameson  (Oooh, I could go for that!)
      11/16/00:  Stretch it, Baby!
      11/16/00:  Jodie Foster  (Just waiting to be pulled on.....sigh...)
      12/13/00:  Molly Ringwald  John has been using a free software called Gimp.  Download
                                      a copy and try it for yourself!  You should be able to find it at
      12/30/00:  Waiting to be Worn!  I just wish this was lying across my bed!
Pam:  Another friend, trying her hand at peeling those pixels!
      12/11/99  Pam1
      8/26/00:  Kerry 'n Playboy #1  Pam has mixed Kerry's Katsumi body suit with Playboy
                                                                  ceterfolds!  To see the real Katsumi body suit on Kerry's
                                                                  site, follow this link:
      8/26/00:  Kerry 'n Playboy #2
      8/26/00:  Hooters Locker-room!
      8/26/00:  Hooters girl for a night!
      9/03/00:  Before and After pictures based on "The Photo Shoot" at!
                                  (The first two links are to the pictures, the last two are to the stories sites.)
Dayna Spencer:  A friend with similar tastes and great work!  (It's good to find common ground.)
                    Caution!  She likes her models nude!  If you're under 18, go look at the comics!
                    Let Dayna know what you think about her work!
      11/16/99  Dayna1
      11/17/99  Dayna3
      11/18/99  Dayna5
      11/20/99 Dayna6 
      11/20/99 Dayna7
      11/24/99 Dayna8 
      1/1/2000  Dayna9
Anonymous Friends:  Friends to the site who would rather be left un-named.
     Blonde in waiting
     Better put this away before company comes over!
     I've got a little secret!
Photos from a Friend:   I like the'll love the looks!  Great work!
      1/28/01  Never mind seeing a hairdresser.  How about a facedresser?
      11/4/99 Nice Peel!
      11/4/99 Who was she?
      11/4/99 Need to fix my face.
      11/4/99 *sigh*
      11/4/99 Underneath it all 
      11/24/99 ooohhh!  
      11/24/99 Nice effects, eh?
Miscellaneous:  Photomanipulations found on the web.
     Denise Richards Cyborg
     Nice Asian beauty mask
     V8 Splash ad - The Man found this in a magazine for us.
     Double body suit
     Husk - Kirsten Dunst as Husk of the X-men.
     Alien girl!
     Where's Osama?
     9/12/00:  These rubber skinned robots were found on the "Female Android Cornucopia"
                      Robot #1     Robot #2
      6/24/00:  Woman to man!  This was found by V Mek, but he can't remember where.
      8/9/00:  Russian magazine picture sent by DV DV!  Kerry has pointed out that it was in an
                                 issue of TIME Magazine.
      8/17/00:  Face Lift in a Jar?:  This article in the August 14, 2000 issue of TIME Magazine,
                                 talks about the advances in beauty creams.
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