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Academy Sets Oscars Contingency Plan

Posted: 2008-02-01 11:49:37
Filed Under: Awards, Movie News
LOS ANGELES (Jan. 30) - An Oscars contingency plan that would include history, film clips and out-of-the-ordinary concepts for the awards show is in the works, academy president Sid Ganis told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

With the writers strike dragging dangerously close to the Feb. 24 telecast, the film academy is planning two Oscar shows: "The show we would love to do and ... a show that we would prefer not to do," Ganis said.

Oscars 2009 Nominees

The traditional, star-studded glamour-fest is in the works in case an agreement is reached. If not, organizers are working on a second show that will include "history and packages of film and concepts that are not normally ones that we would have for the show if we were moving straight ahead."

The show will go on regardless of talks status, he said.

"We have an obligation to the art form to present the Oscars, so we have to deal with the possibility of not being able to do the show because of pickets or agreements not being concluded," Ganis said.

Meanwhile, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is talking with striking writers, said spokeswoman Leslie Unger. She declined to provide details.

"We have made contact with the guild," Unger said. "We want to be able to do the kind of Oscar show that we always do, and we want to create the circumstances that will allow us to do that."

Nominations for the 80th Academy Awards were announced last week. In past years, presenters were announced one-by-one before or shortly after the nominations, but none have been named so far this year.

Final ballots were mailed Wednesday to the 5,829 voting members of the academy. They are due back Feb. 19.

Writers' Strike Casualties

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    Golden Globes
    Faced with the threat of a WGA picket line and a universal agreement among nominees to boycott the ceremony, the traditionally glitzy, boozy extravaganza has been replaced by a news conference to announce winners. Sounds like a real hoot. (Focus Features)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    Warner Bros. called off the February start date on this Mira Nair-directed flick, in which Johnny Depp was set to star as an Australian heroin addict who escapes prison, pretends to be a doctor in India and eventually fights against the Russians in Afghanistan. Busy guy. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    Although Sacha Baron Cohen has completed the script for his film about gay fashion reporter Bruno, shooting has yet to begin. The reason: Its improvisational 'Borat'-like filming style necessitates on-the-fly script rewrites, which is NOT cool during a WGA strike. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    'Justice League of America'
    It could be a long time before Superman and Batman meet on the big screen. With no shooting script and options expiring on potential cast members (man, we would have liked to see the buxom Megan Gale, pictured, as Wonder Woman), Warner Bros. has had to postpone production on its ensemble superhero flick. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    'State of Play'
    Universal threatened to sue Brad Pitt when he dropped out of the film in November, citing an unfinished script and leaving co-stars Rachel McAdams, Edward Norton and Jason Bateman in the lurch. Luckily, Russell Crowe swooped in to replace him, saving the film from a strike-induced demise. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    'Transformers 2'
    With no script, Michael Bay will likely have to push back production -- as well as the June 26, 2009, release date -- on his follow-up to last summer's mega-hit 'Transformers.' Somewhere, Optimus Prime is crying. (Paramount)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    'Edwin A. Salt'
    Thanks to strike-prompted script concerns, this Tom Cruise starrer -- about a CIA agent accused of being a Russian sleeper spy out to kill the president -- lost two directors, Terry George and Michael Mann, before nabbing Peter Berg ('The Kingdom') to helm. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    'Angels and Demons'
    Tom Hanks has plenty of time to grow his hair out to reprise his role as cryptographer Robert Langdon. Due to an unfinished script by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman, the Ron Howard-directed prequel to 'The Da Vinci Code' has pushed its release date from Dec. 19, 2008, to May 15, 2009. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    United Artists postponed Oliver Stone's historical drama about an army general (Bruce Willis) investigating the My Lai Massacre, citing Stone's penchant for script-tinkering during shooting. As a result, Willis dropped out, making the film another casualty of the writers' war. (Getty Images)

  • Writers' Strike Casualties

    Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Sophia Loren will have to wait to flaunt their singing and dancing skills. This Rob Marshall-directed musical, which had planned to start lensing in March, is another victim of an unfinished script. (Getty Images)

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2008-01-30 16:13:07

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cowgirlpage1 07:50:23 PM Jan 30 2008

By the way did anyone hear that they broke off talks again today. I can't get a confirmation on this.

cowgirlpage1 07:47:11 PM Jan 30 2008

The new contingency plan sounds better than the old one for this show. I'm sort of sick of the same kind of awards show over and over again.

mickerie 06:31:25 PM Jan 30 2008

Well, then, aren't those writer's SPECIAL! How about this, next year, exclude ALL writing categories from consideration for an Academy Award. Two can play at that game. Not to have an Awards show! I see the hand of Al Quaida or Satan in this.

1 - 3 of 3

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