[PhMAME running]
[ 0.58 screenshot (PNG | JPG) ]
PhMAME is a Photon-native port of MAME (The Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator). With PhMAME you can run any of the over 3000 arcade games MAME supports.


Noteable Issues/Problems:

PhMAME has a few noteable issues that you might want to keep in mind:
  • Sound on some systems works improperly (There appears to be an inital 3 second delay).
  • Internal main mixer works improperly.
  • PhMAME coredumps if your running at 24-bit color (15, 16, and 32bit all work fine however).
  • PhMAME hogs the audio driver (I fixed it, but then I advertenly broke it again).
  • PhMAME dose not appear to work on i810 based machines.
  • PhMAME dose not work after being compile out-of-tarball for the iPaq (ARM/Little Endian).
  • It's command line and will only (currently) display in a window.

If you discover any other issue (or you know the fix and what to tell me about it) please email me here.