Vista-only games cracked for XP

While a number of hacking groups have voiced their doubts as to the necessity of Vista and DirectX 10, one group in particular has reportedly stepped up to disprove it by releasing a crack that allows Windows XP users to run Shadowrun.

By Eugene Huang

Back in May, a company known as Falling Leaf Systems announced their intent to issue a patch for Halo 2 and Shadowrun that would allow the games to run on Windows XP. Although the games purportedly run only on Windows Vista, Falling Leaf CEO Brian Thomason strongly believes that Microsoft is keeping something from the general public.

"Microsoft has, in typical Microsoft fashion, decided to launch their forced migration onslaught in full force with the release of two games that will only run on Windows Vista," stated Thomason in a company press release. "First they claim that it was impossible to implement DirectX 10 compatibility atop Windows XP, and now they also want us to believe that they couldn't successfully launch two DirectX 9 based titles on XP either. We plan to expose both theories as patently false."

Unfortunately for Thomason, another band of hackers claims to have already beaten the company to the punch. The Inquirer reports that hacking group "Razor 1911" has produced a number of files that will make Shadowrun playable on XP without the support of DirectX 10.

"Tired of waiting for Falling Leaf to produce drivers so that you can play Shadowrun in XP?" writes a text file contained within Razor's package. "The wait is over, because Razor 1911 already has the remedy! Yes, you read right. This game will also function in Windows XP".

Although a number of anonymous users can vouch for the functionality of the crack, which is now widely available on the internet, valid news organizations have not yet been able to confirm its authenticity. In addition, Microsoft has not yet released a statement in response to its development. GamePro will keep you posted if anything new streaks through the wires.

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