ALBUM NOTES: The definitive debut album from Esham that spawned an entire sub-genre within hip hop known as "Acid Rap". A crucial collection of 16 songs with detailed accounts of sex, drugs, death and religion from a city decades deep in decline. Originally released in 1989, Boomin Words From Hell was re-released in 1990 with new songs, artwork and distribution. All tracks were written, produced and performed by Esham while still a sophomore at Osborne High School on Detroit's east side.


ALBUM NOTES: Hip Hop's 1st double album still bangs like no other. A sinister, supreme opus from Esham where modern religion, unworthy emcees, suicidal tendencies and ghetto politics are fought with heavy mental rhyme schemes and skull shattering production. Judgement Day features a shocking barrage of 31 timeless tracks that blend perfectly to craft a soundscape never heard before its release. A stand out project from a stand out era.


ALBUM NOTES:   KKKILL the Fetus is the controversial, quintessential masterpiece of the Esham collection. A double album mashed into one cohesive roller coaster ride of maniacal carnage, murder and debauchery guaranteed to satisfy even the most demented of hard heads. Anti-abortionists wanted his head. Detroit police wanted him shut down. Feminists protested. Kids killed themselves. Kill the Fetus, a true classic from Esham.


ALBUM NOTES:   By the age of 21, Esham had attained a level of consistency in his solo career that few artists of any age or genre achieve. In 1994, Esham would continue that trend with Closed Casket, an album many consider to be his best. At this point in his discography, the only thing you could expect from an Esham album is that each one sounded drastically different from the last. Closed Casket was no exception.

With its esoteric chants, hypnotic hooks and haunting synths, Esham continued his maturation process on the mic with new subject matter while at the same time showing off over production arrangements that ranged from hardcore to hellacious. Warlock Records purchased this album from Esham and distributed it nationally making it one of his biggest sellers to date. In 2008, Closed Casket continues to rain hell worldwide and will forever serve as many suicidalists first foray into the Esham experience.


ALBUM NOTES:   Dead Flowerz marked a significant change in the direction of Esham's music. Gone were the lucifer-like lyrical tangents and sampled metal/punk guitar riffs. In were murder raps, strip club shenanigans, swings at commercial hits and vivid descriptions of drug trafficking in Detroit over a wide range of substantial backdrops produced by Esham and Lord Maji. Supreme story telling and sincere tales of life in the fast lane are the cornerstone of this release. Esham's schitzofrantic ability to bounce from melancholy to suicidal to murderous while still making time for a few pit stops at the titty bar make Dead Flowerz a legendary release in the catalog of indie hip hop.


ALBUM NOTES:   A conceptual jewel is what we like to call Bruce Wayne Gothom City 1987. By far one of Esham's most insane creations to date, this album defies reasonable logic with bizarre musical frequencies and unparalleled hardcore bravado from Esham and crew. Standout contributions from TNT, Mastamind, Zelah Williams, Moebadis and Drunken Master help steer this record into a new dimension in time and space. The first release under Gothom Inc and a must have for any RLP aficionado. Gangsta Rap is dead.



ALBUM NOTES:   Let's get one thing clear. There is "out of left field" and then there is Mail Dominance. There are human reptilian babies born with their heads stuck together and then there is Mail Dominance. Peculiar doesn't quite cover the scope of how random, absurb and just undeniably funky Mail Dominance gets on demand as the decibals reach higher. One can't help but imagine a coked out Santos lurched over the mixing board with Esham plotting on paper on how much cash its going to take to purchase his own intergalactic cruise ship. Mail Dominance is an incomparable, risk taking release featuring Esham flexing alpha lyrical dexterity over beats that would cause most emcees to studder. Interesting are the tracks that clearly date back to the Dead Flowerz/Bruce Wayne era that truly give much needed edge to a release that almost certainly would've been out of many civilians atmosphere had they not appeared.


ALBUM NOTES:   Unadulterated Acid Rap at its finest. Esham with verbal glocks barking in spectacular fashion over a reknown consortium of snarling, death defying production throughout. In complete underdog mode, Esham the cult leader vehemently spits homicidal daggers towards any and all competition. Legendary Kool Keith shows up on two tracks while TNT, Mastamind, Shoestring, Ghetto E and Violent J all help season a dish that Esham serves with ice cold delivery. A poignant, if not poisonous, release that will go down in the history books as a phenomenal record that easily shitted on the best of what major labels had to offer at the time.


ALBUM NOTES:   Originally released on Psychopathic Records, Repentance is a seasoned release featuring an inspired Esham renouncing his Unholy ways for a more enlightened approach. This album is VIP status not unlike the Remy bottle portrayed on the cover. One can't help but wish Repentance would have gotten more push. Stand out singles like Pay Me, Boss Up and Soopa Doopa were never released and Woo Woo Woo was pulled despite a fruitful radio campaign. Repentance features Bone Thugs N Harmony, TNT, Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse. The results of the Woo Woo Woo video prompted Esham to take over the reigns of his own video production from then on which set the stage for his next album, A-1 Yola which featured an Esham directed video for every song on the album.

ESHAM "A-1 Yola"

ALBUM NOTES:   A-1 Yola was a concept album featuring an industry first, a DVD included with a video for every song. Esham takes a no-nonsense approach to hustling and dealing while the resurrection of Dead Boy adds lighter fluid to a project already engulfed in flames. Yola is a prime example of Esham's versatility and inventiveness as an artist. Receipts are still coming in from fans apparently angry over this album supposedly blowing out subwoofers, frying amplifiers and shattering rear windshields because of the atomic sound quality. WICKET!!!


ALBUM NOTES:   "Sacrificial it's official with pistols, somebody gotta die for the cause, they gonna miss you"


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