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Animal 57 Web Productions combines the finest talent, creativity, and engineering in every service we provide. Our dedicated teams work with our clients to produce sites that work.

Our services include:

Custom Design and Layout |Search Engine Optimization | Java/J2EE | SSL Encryption | Database applications | Flash | enhancement Media |

custom design & layout
Before we begin site production, the Animal 57 team identifies your values and objectives. Each site is designed with your unique needs as our first priority.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO:
Animal 57 will consult with you, then research and recommend targeted keyword phrases for your website, capturing the words and phrases that are key to your business and products. Identifying the most relevant and popular keyword phrases, then leveraging these keyword phrases throughout the entire site will ensure that our program attracts highly targeted traffic from the search engines.

We have successfully designed and implemented systems based on N-tier distributed object architecture using J2EE technologies such as Java, EJB, JSP, JFC,Servlets, JMS, Webshere and Oracle Container For Java (OC4J). Our developers have consultanted for enterprise level companies such as IBM and Analytica International in the past. In addition all J2EE developers are Sun Certified Java Programmers.

Database applications
Animal 57 has been developing web applications since 1997. We have been developing database powered web applications using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. We have developed applications using all four dynamic languages which is prevenlant in today’s market – That is (ASP.NET, PHP, C# and JSP)

Flash Applications
We offer everything from seamless integration with a database on Flash sites or Flash web applications to short, motion graphics and heavy animation spots. Our Flash developers are proficient with industry-standard software and langauges: Flash Action Script 2.0, DOM class structure, Flash video intigration / MDMscript, XML, MySQL, MS SQL, Director, Lingo, Fireworks.

ssl encryption
SSL Encryption allows safe and secure online credit card transactions. Accompanied by a customized order form, SSL is used to create successful e-commerce sites.

enhancement media
Animal 57 can provide digital audio and video production and animation to enhance your site.