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Ali Velshi
The Turnaround The Turnaround
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Ali Velshi Whether you run a jewelry store or gift boutique, a housewares shop or a bakery, in retail often times it's 20 percent of your products that bring in 80 percent of your revenues. But before you just start tossing that slower selling inventory, realize it's the right mix of products that brings your customers in and keeps them buying. Think about your store's identity. A creative merchandizing mix is a critical piece of most any business strategy. Each product should contribute its part to the larger goals of capturing the customers you seek and creating the image you want. A distinct, consistent and compelling store look and feel is what can set you apart. That being said, don't be afraid of holding periodic sales. The cash flow they create is helpful and it enables you to lighten the clutter in the back room. Remember the object is to always keep product moving and the register ringing.
Bone Appetite
The Business Owner:
the owner
David Gardenhour
Dogs may be man's best friend but are they his best customer? This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania retailer has an innovative concept but is still trying to see if his doggie boutique can sit, stay and profit. He's wrestling with his focus and his inventory. Will our mentor help him collar his business and turn it around?
The Mentor:
the mentor
Glen Senk
This master retailer has spent his lifetime refining what makes a store entice customers to buy. He leads a coast to coast chain of women's accessories and clothing shops; each one of which feels like a smaller boutique rather than an outpost of a multi-million dollar chain. Our mentor has a keen eye for what makes a store click, but will his expertise help fetch more profits for Bone Appetite?

The HomeSpa
The Business Owner:
the owner
Debbie Townes
This Brooklyn, New York based palace of pampering needs some sprucing up itself. Saddled with a non-producing satellite location and a less than aggressive approach to marketing and selling, The HomeSpa has been on the knife's edge of profitability for most of its 7 years in business. Will 3 days with a savvy mentor provide a rejuvenating treatment for this small business?
The Mentor:
the mentor
Marcia Kilgore
founder, "Bliss Spas"
A dynamo in the personal care industry, she began her business giving facials to celebrity clients in one small space. She now sits astride a company that partners with major luxury providers to rapidly expand its relaxing ways across the country and in Europe. She's seen it all and done it all: from sweeping the floors to striking multi-million dollar deals. Can she push, pull and knead our Brooklyn spa owner into action?

PLAY VIDEO See how a spa owner in Brooklyn rejuvenated her small business with these simple steps.
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