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Xbox LIVE Membership

Membership Levels

Silver Membership.Gold Membership.

Gold Membership

Xbox LIVE Gold is a premium membership that lets you play games with friends online. Gold membership includes all the features of Silver (below) plus additional benefits and features.

  • Multiplayer games: Invite your friends into a multiplayer match and compete against each other or play co-op through expansive adventures.
  • Marketplace: Gold members get early and exclusive access to select game add-ons, demos, trailers, videos, and more.
  • TrueSkill matchmaking: For every ranked game you play, TrueSkill finds the best match for your skill level.
  • Parties: Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, then you can all join games and play and chat together.
  • Gamer feedback: Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with (or avoid) the next time you're online.
  • Watch Netflix movies: Xbox LIVE Gold members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix’s extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows right on their console at no additional charge.



Gold Membership.


A Gold membership costs $49.99 for one year—less than five dollars a month! Xbox LIVE Gold cards can also be purchased at your favorite game retailer for a three- or twelve-month membership. You can also subscribe online using your Xbox 360, or join now right here on

Silver Membership

Xbox LIVE Silver is a free service that allows any Xbox 360 user with a broadband connection to get online and interact with the Xbox LIVE community.


  • Gamer profile: Showcase your online reputation and achievements for your friends to see.
  • Avatar: Share the customized Avatar that represents your online identity.
  • Friends list: Add other Xbox LIVE users to your friends list and chat using the headset or send text messages.
  • Marketplace: Download free content from Marketplace such as demos, trailers, music videos, dashboard themes, and lots more.
  • Microsoft Points: Redeem Microsoft Points (available at retail stores or through Xbox LIVE) for extra game content, Arcade games, movies and TV shows, independent videos, and more.  
  • Gold Weekends: Look for special offers from Xbox LIVE that let you experience the excitement of multiplayer gaming free.




Silver Membership.

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