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CISKD has five schools within the boundaries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops. They are located in the northern, central and southern parts of the region. All schools teach the BC curriculum and employ certified teachers.




St. James Elementary / Middle School
(est. 1956) K - 7

2700 - 28th Ave., Vernon, BC V1T 1V7
Ph: 250-542-4081 Fax: 250-542-5696
Email: principalsjs@shaw.ca
URL: www.stjamesvernon.com


Pastor: Father Martin Peyton
Principal: Gordon Higginson
School Council Chair: Ben Moore


Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(est. 1962) K-7

235 Poplar St., Kamloops BC, V2B 4B9
Ph: 250-376-2343 Fax: 250-376-2361
Email: rose@olphschools.ca
URL: http://olphschool.ca/


Pastor: Father Peter Nguyen
Principal: Rose Nowicki
School Council Chair: Karen Sodke


St. Ann’s Elementary
(est. 1986) K-7

150 Sutherland Ave., Quesnel BC, V2J 2J5
Ph: 250-992-6237 Fax: 250-992-6234
Email: principal.stanns@shawcable.com
URL: www.stannsschool.ca


Pastor: Father Dale Normandeau.
Principal: Bob Nieman
School Council Chair: Brent Paulsen


Sacred Heart Elementary
(est. 1992) K-7

455 Pigeon Ave, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 4R5
Ph:250-398-7770 Fax: 250-398-7725
Email: principal.shcs@telus.net


Pastor: Father Andrew L'Heureux
Principal: Donna Ameerali
School Council Chair: Richard Kohlen


St. Ann’s Academy
(est. 1880) K-12

205 Columbia St., Kamloops BC, V2C 2S7
Ph:250-372-5452 Fax: 250-372-5257
Email: principal@stannsacademy.bc.ca
URL: www.stannsacademy.bc.ca


Pastor: Father Derrick Cameron
Principal: Shawn Chisholm
School Council Chair: Dave Giddens