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ATHENS, Georgia
In the early '80s, the growing American indie rock scene's beating heart could be found in none other than Athens, Georgia. Sometimes referred to as the "Liverpool of the South," Athens is everything anyone could want in a college town: endless charm, a harmonious balance between college kids and lingering locals, and a creative community with a relentless collective spirit.

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We Are Scientists talk music, chocolate chip bagels
Before their performance at the Orpheum Theatre last Thursday, I got a chance to talk with Keith Murray, lead singer and guitarist of the duo, We Are Scientists, who are on tour with The Whigs and Kings of Leon. At a Finagle A Bagel around the corner of the Theater, Murray talked about a potential new addition to the band, explained the difficulties of playing a Halloween gig dressed as a ghost and shed some light on the “science” of the chocolate chip bagel just in time to catch The Whigs –– his new favorite band –– open the show.
Brendan Canning discusses Broken Social Scene, solo work
A few hours before he took The Moon’s stage, the FSView sat outside and spoke with Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning about the elusiveness of Canadian culture, Slayer and his new “solo” recording entitled "Something For All of Us."
Marshall U.-area band in conflict with Dido over album cover
'DIY' site helps indie bands book tours, make contacts
Ted Leo talks music, politics, Esurance girl
N.E.R.D. Bringing the Beats
Ben Folds Talks Bonnaroo
Rapper Ice-T to orate Langston Hughes Poetry in Indianapolis

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Bon Iver tops Collegian's year-end list
In review, 2008 had its share of monumental releases. With new records from media darlings Coldplay and Kanye West, the popular music industry certainly kept itself busy.
Music Spotlight: Guns N' Roses' 'Chinese Democracy'
Axl Rose is still relevant. Take that, Dr. Pepper.
Concert Review: Of Montreal redefines stage performance
Music Spotlight: Of Montreal's 'Skeletal Lamping'
Atmosphere - 'When Life Gives You Lemons"
Portishead - "Third"

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